Scientology is for you!

I love mashups like this. It’s time to make fun of scientology, and what better way than by acting batshit insane? Best line in this whole thing: “It teaches you why your heart is an alien testicle pumping space cum through your veins”.

Bam, In your face, Xenu!

(props to Kate for the find)

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    Hehehe, that guy is so awesome! “It’s just so easy to say, ‘Oh, someone else will summon the 7 dragons of reggae’… But, you know, if I don’t… Who will?”

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    i don’t think the guy in the checkered shirt is really a scientologist…

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    Jessica Sideways

    Yeah, that was some pretty awesome shit. But I do worry that if we do not keep up the attack now, in 2,000 years, Atheists will be fighting off Scientologists and Christians and some parts of the south will be known as the Dianetics Belt or the E-meter belt. And some people in small towns will say “Damnit Jessica, my granpappy gave me this here e-Meter and this was his granpappys before him. Now, would you like me to take you down to the org ‘First Church of Scientology, Gluesniff County’?”

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    eric denney

    Praise Xenu

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    My Satire alarms are ringing.

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