Schedule is up for this weekend!

As most of you might already know (since I’ve been talking about it non stop for a while), my presentation on Podcasting and Freemium is coming up, and the schedule for the event has just been released. They put me on Sunday at 10 am, which only shows that they’ve never heard about me. That’s usually when I wake up, but hey, life isn’t always fair.

I’ll be talking about how Freemium is the next big thing for small and medium web companies, and for those of you attending, I suggest reading listening to these audio files: ¬†They cover a large portion¬†of some of the things I’ll be talking about.

I’ll try and tape the presentation so you guys don’t feel too shafted about the light posting in anticipation for the event. It should be interesting, and hopefully there will be a good crowd. For those of you coming, see you there!

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