Excellent video on “putting faith in its place”

His arguments are irrefutable, his narration is spot on, and his little animations are helpful and clear. Could you ask more of an educational video? Don’t you just love the fact that people do these kinds of videos for no other reason than to encourage others to think?

(props to Lifer for the awesome find)

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    I love this guy!

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    subscribed to his youtube feed, looking forward to watching all his videos. thanks!

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    I bet that cube DID have a fossilized flame in it!

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    No joke, I wonder if that aliens blowing themselves up in the process of creating the universe is possible….

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    That video is awesome. I’ve subscribed to this guy.

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    Maybe the cube was the Timecube!!!

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    Arik Jones

    What an interesting video! Being a christian myself I realize the whole premise surrounding the existence of God is indescribable and certainly unsupported by any real tangible evidence. It takes a great degree of faith to believe in something that is not only greater than yourself, but is unattainable by the confines of our own existence and logic.

    However, how do we know that a god does not exist? What evidence can anyone present other than logic which in and of itself is imperfect and purely relative? Unless logic is actually perfect and can never be mistaken or wrong, I can’t really see the merit in convincing a christian, buddhist or [your god-based religion here] that god does not exist. Logic without evidence works exactly the same as faith without evidence. But evidence without experience is equally as futile. Is it not?

    It all seems like a rather endless circle of “prove it”. I can’t prove that God exists outside the context of what others have taught, researched and archived (all of which present no tangible evidence). On the same token human logic can’t provide irrefutable evidence that he doesn’t exist outside of what’s been taught, researched and archived (all of which present no tangible evidence).

    So how is asserting there is no god any more logical than asserting that there is a god? They’re both quite absurd within the confines of human logic. I want to know what you folks think. Am I crazy?

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    I enjoyed this video a lot. Especially the list of things the cube couldn’t contain. Cats made of airport, the 17 century, one dimensional swans. Hilarious xD

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    @Arik Jones: Dude, Buddhism is not a god-based religion.

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