Suck it, God!

Genesis Chapter 3, verse 14

And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this [tricked Eve into eating the apple] thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field;upon thy belly shalt thoug go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.

Crawl on their bellies forever, huh? Evolution might have something to say about that. Doesn’t it kind of look like this snake is giving us all “the finger” in this picture?¬†Also, how often has anyone commented on the fact the Bible hilariously thinks that snakes eat dirt? Perhaps the snake got a raw deal, and it was really the earthworm that told Eve to eat the apple. After all, I’m pretty sure they eat that shit too…

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    Where did you get that image? I am having a hard time determining what exactly it is that I see in that picture.

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    Never mind. My genius brain just found the hyperlink in your post.

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    The coolest thing is that it does actually look like it’s giving us the finger! lol

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    Wicked!!! But also intensely creepy. :P

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    Jason Thibeault

    Sorry, looks like that snake had a lizard-based meal that punched through its abdomen. The leg isn’t where snakes’ vestigial legs manifest generally, either.

    That’s not to say vestigial legs on snakes doesn’t already totally own creationism, but this isn’t a good example.

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    Just Some Guy

    The real burden of snakes, clearly, is the curse of not properly chewing their food before they swallow it. ;)

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    Chinese Toxins: The Evolutionary Agent of the Future.

    This is a lot creepier than that “winged” cat, though.

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    “Also, how often has anyone commented on the fact that the Bible hilariously thinks that snakes eat dirt?”

    Perhaps the Bible is capable of containing metaphor?

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    i think the picture is a snake eating a skink!

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    Arik Jones

    Firstly the bible doesn’t anything about an apple (take another look). Thirdly, that snake is still on it’s belly.

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    Alexander Reyes

    This could be a digitally manipulated image; a darn good one, but far from real. It is not in the genetic make up of a snake to suddenly grow an leg or an arm. Much like humans cannot grow wings with feathers… We are no where close to birds, the dna is simply not there. It would take hundreds of millions of years of evolution to accomplish this, much like it did for this reptile to completely lose its arms and legs, and actual evidence would have been discovered and documented if it is real and so groundbreaking. However, with future experiments and genetic manipulation, it could happen synthetically and man made, so just wait a couple of hundred years till science reaches that point.

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    the problem is more that the bible was written by mere men, who know as much about “god” as ants know about us. which simply makes these men the “great liars of the past”. and in present time, a bible believer can only be described as unintelligent/able to believe ANYTHING told to them without thinking for themselves or needing any basis in factual reality to prove a point. how sad. why they have this need to pretend some fantasy is out there, listening & directing their lives is insane. how a person can say they believe in science and the bible at the same time is so ridiculous and hypocritical, it never ceases to amaze me.

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