Movie about Darwin doesn’t have U.S. distributor

One of the crown jewels at the Toronto Film Festival this year was Creation, a movie depicting the life and struggles of Charles Darwin. The film focuses specifically on his family life, and the destruction of his faith with the death of his beloved daughter Annie. The film stars Paul Bettany (you might remember him as the albino monk in The DaVinci Code) and his real life smoking hot wife, Jennifer Connely. So far a bunch of countries have already picked it up except the big one: America

US distributors fear that the film is too controversial for American audiences, which is to say that they are worried any involvement in the film may end up costing them dearly. There are no companies willing to take the risk of pissing off hard core Christians who blame Darwin for the Holocaust, eugenics, and just about any other atrocity you can imagine. It’s never dawned on them this gentle and thoughtful man was one of the greatest minds in the history of our species.

I think that an online distributor should pick it up and offer the movie on the web. If you can’t play it in theatres, people should still have a right to be exposed to ideas, even if they aren’t popular among the uneducated. In any case, most of the people who would end up watching it belong to the Internet generation, and we’ll just end up downloading it anyway. Why not make it easy for us?

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    For sciences sake! They have a lot of christian movies with Mel Gibson in them, but they can’t handle one film about reality? Some americans really need to grow up!

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    There’s always a deal to be made – somewhere. A Canadian distributor? Piggy-backing the disribution of “Creation” in a deal for another tits ‘n grits southern car chase movie – it can be done

    I completely agree that if the distribution of the Darwin chronicle “Creation” is de facto banned in the US by fear of retaliation from the conservative Christian right, then we have a serious problem. One of the most important things YOU can do is highlight the fact that the election of Barack Obamaa – liberal though he appears – did not signal the retreat of Christian fundamentalism. Our current President, as much as I love most of his ideas, is nearly as “faith based” as the last – if only more honest about it. The tyranny of religious belief in the rule of our country is manifest, and actually getting worse, not better.

    Thanks for keeping an eye out TGA!

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    No Brit

    Everybody knows The Americans are another species the british HATE with an unbridled passion.

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