Mormon feels guilty for Prop 8

This video taught me three important lessons: (1) not every Mormon is a bigoted jackass who wants to destroy the rights of gays to marry, (2) The Mormon church can’t stand these people (which is why this guy’s speech is cut short), and (3) babies are FUCKING ANNOYING.

props to The Atheist Mind for the find

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    Holy Science! They just cut him off and escort him out? Wow…

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    Robert DeVore

    They escort him out because they don’t like to hear anything other than what they want. There’s no such thing as an open mind when it comes to 99.9% of the religious people out there.

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    Bravo to this brave man!!!

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    Injun Trouble

    “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen… I’d like to discuss the fact that there is NO Santa Cl….hey, where are you taking me? LET ME GO!”

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    Roxanne R

    Truly brave. There’s hope for him yet.

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    I think his eyes may have been opened yet again….

    Kudos to this man and all who put into action the courage to speak truth when it is unpopular.

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    I think he’s VERY brave….next step, atheism..?
    Sounded like the parents may have told their kid to yell louder, to drown him out of course. 🙂
    I bet he was shaking and a nervous wreck reading that and after he was through. I would of liked to hear the rest of the sermon…lol!

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    I’m incredibly impressed by his courage and willingness to continue, even when the mic was turned off.

    Good for him.

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    One very brave man who had the courage and honesty to acknowledge the hypocrisy of the institution he had clearly put so much trust and faith in. Not only to himself but also to speak publicly to the very audience amongst whom he had practiced his religion. Good for him, taking a stand in the lion’s den.

    Where there is one, there are undoubtedly others.


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    Very brave act.

    I, on the other hand, would have found it impossible to not punch the baby on my way out.

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    The baby was making her own protest about being held captive in church. Maybe she was agreeing with the speaker!

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