Completing surveys for shows

With all the research I’m doing for the presentation next weekend at PodCamp Montreal, I’ve had a few new ideas that I hope will please some prospective members of the site who haven’t been able to either afford becoming a patron, or who lack access to credit cards or PayPal. The idea is simple; I want to be able to offer episodes of the bonus podcast in exchange for completing a survey. The surveys would take no more than a few minutes to complete, and because the amount we ask for membership each year is so small (each podcast costs roughly 40 cents when you calculate it on a per episode basis), this is a cost I could easily recoup by simply offering some of you the chance to “pay” for it.

Now this kind of idea is pretty new and radical, so I have no real clue what the response will be. That why I want you to email me directly if you are interested, and if I have enough responses by next week, I’ll be offering this new patronage service for the bonus podcast, so if you’re interested, please email me at

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