Madonna blamed for boating accident

There aren’t many beheadings that are celebrated around the world. It’s generally not a very positive thing to have a day dedicated to, but that hasn’t stopped morbid Orthodox Church in Bulgaria from marking the day John the Baptist was decapitated , which they celebrate on August 29th.

That’s also the date that Madonna, queen of controversy, chose to hold her concert there. Everyone had a great time, but it turns out by coincidence, a boat capsized on Lake Ohrid, killing 15 people. The Church has since blamed Madonna for the incident, saying her defiance is what caused God to kill a bunch of innocents in protest.

Anybody else get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the God character? No, I didn’t think so. I guess the Orthodox Church has never really stopped believing in the cruel despot of the Old Testament, who can’t help but express his disatisfaction with humanity by causing endless disasters. Blaming an entertainer for what was actually the fault of the operators, (who greedily tried to fit more people on their tour boat than what was allowed) is not only low; it’s entirely pointless.

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    If God was going to capsize a boat, you would think that he’d be more prone to do it over some kind of satanic death metal band, rather than an artist that makes somewhat juvenile songs about how candy can be a euphemism for sex.

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    Well… They are actually VERY lucky out there in Bulgaria.

    They are very lucky because Madonna is getting old now. A few years ago, same circumcisionstances, she would have shoved the Jesus 9 inches up her ass…
    I guess that would have brought nothing less than Armageddon.

    Bulgaria church officials should thank their Lord… and hop on another of those lovely boats of theirs

    *evil laughter echoes*

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