Hijacking for Jesus

A few days ago, I celebrated September 9th, 2009 by recording a second bonus podcast (since the original one was lost forever), and spent most of the day reading for new material to talk about for future shows. The date had no real significance to the vast majority of the planet, but for Jose Marc Flores Pereira, it was a special day. He had received a revelation from God that Mexico would suffer from a terrible earthquake, so he did the only thing he could think of: he made a fake bomb with a bunch of juice cans and hijacked an Boeing 737.

Father Pereira was convinced the date, 09/09/09 would signify the presence of the devil (since upside down the numbers would read 666), and he wanted to hijack the plane in order to get an audience with the Mexican president to urge him to preach the gospel from Mexico City’s central square.

Pereira’s wife admits the dude has “psychological problems”, which at least explains why this former singer and drug addict is allowed to go around preaching insane stories of virgin births, ressurections, and worldwide floods.

His family doesn’t sound like they are very helpful. His mother was aware of his plans, and because he claimed to be divinely ordained by God to do this, she let him go with her blessing. So an insane lunatic was allowed to carry out his plan with the full compliance of his family because his religion masked his deep psychological issues. The amount of times mental illness goes unreported because of religion is too numerous to count, and until we admit such beliefs are indicative of psychological disorders, these kinds of stories will keep happening. This guy needs help, not religion.

(props to Alison for the link)

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    Bet ya same thing will happen 10th October next year.

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    I don’t think religion masked his deep psychological issues. Religion IS a deep psychological issue.

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    I love that 09/09/09 was evil because *upside down* it’s 666, but June 6, 2006 was just dandy and alright and no hijacking needed be done because, after all, the Devil only works upside down, dontcha know.

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    Randall "Doc" Fleck

    You’ve hit on an irrefutable issue here…

    Wacko people are wacko. (Hands down.) Religious people meet all the qualifications for being wacko.

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    Zombie Jesus

    I don’t think he realizes that the alleged date of 09/09/09 is a result of human convenience and laziness. There are so many levels of wrong with his 666 theory. If we take the date as is, the date upside-down would be 606060–close, but close doesn’t demand hijacking. But the actual date upside-down is 60026060, or for those that think the number 2 is close enough to a 5 then 60056060.

    This is the same human error that started the Y2K pandemic. If the code was implemented with two digits then when the year 2000 hits, the computers will revert back to 00…but there was no real year 0 in human history or mathematical logic. That must mean that the computer will realize this logical error and crash! [I am aware that some source codes may be fragile enough to create an error when rounding to an invisible third digit, but most just display the 00 and leave the imaginary 1 in cyberspace.]

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