OMG, best Pledge of Allegiance ever!

Ok, this is just about the cutest little atheist I’ve seen. “Under Nobody” should be the official addition to the pledge, which would finally make it no longer violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment (if you’re tired of me linking to it, too fucking bad! You guys need to pay attention to it). Considering how the pledge is itself kind of a violation of everything the Founding Fathers believed in, it’ll at least be a good compromise.

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    nathan huckabee

    this is how i would ask my kids to recite the pledge. great post

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    The Pledge of Allegiance sounds like something a cult would come up with, come to think of it.

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    thanks! it is refreshing to see this in my lifetime. i have hope that people won’t be waiting another 2000 yrs for their desert god to come save them.

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    Personally i think it’s disturbing that americans deem it normal and healthy to be drilling such nationalist rhetoric into their kids. Regardless of who it happens to be under.

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    That was cute. I like to say it without the “under god”, but this was an awesome pun.

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    I Am The Blog

    I love the double-take the lady makes when the girl says “under nobody”. The girl says it very clearly.

    The girl must have been put up to it by someone; she’s too young to realize the meaning of what’s she’s saying (which is why some would argue kids shouldn’t be asked to say the pledge at all). Here she’s just basically reciting one memorized chunk instead of another, so I don’t know if that’s really a good idea. If it had been an older kid doing this, I think I would like it better because it would have been more meaningful.

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