Interview with a 12 year old atheist

I like kids, and I especially like the smart ones. It fills me with hope for the future, especially when there are so many stupid ones hanging around in my neighborhood. If you need a dose of fresh air, go check out this blog; there’s a great little interview with Megan, a 12 year old atheist who will knock your fucking socks off at how clear, logical, and educated she is. Here are a few highlights:

Morgaine: Religious people often ask how someone can find meaning in life without belief in God…that the wonders of the world aren’t sufficient to satisfy them. What would you say to that? What gives your life meaning?

Megan: The meaning of life can not be decided after death, in my opinion. I think the meaning of life is decided by the person living it–not some being that they don’t know. I push on by knowing that I will finish my book and become a doctor.

Morgaine: Some people say you can’t be moral or ethical without religion. What would you say to that?

Megan: No, religious people have started wars over it. If they call mass killing good ethics then I don’t know what to think.

I couldn’t have put it any better myself, Megan. Keep on being awesome!

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    I can’t believe this is a 12 year old, it just boggles my mind.

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    Look I’m fairly certain in the next 20 years this next generation will abandon traditional religion in droves. This little girl is a hopeful sign.

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    Damn… Why can’t there be more 24 year old chicks thinking this way? lol

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    His Royal Oddness

    Fabulous. Megan really has a great grasp on language and seems very comfortable with her convictions and how to express them.

    Hope really lies in the new generation(s).

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    I’m a 12 year old male and recently I’ve been thinking the same. I think we all came from evolution of primates. There are no gods that created humanity. I see no point in praising a god your whole life when you don’t even know whether it’s real or not!

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