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Hey gang. I’ve just been informed I’ll be giving a presentation of Freemium and podcasting at this year’s PodCamp Montreal, and it occurs to me that I need to get my fucking act in gear and start probing my own fan base for their thoughts and comments on the podcast. You see, the whole thing kind of took me by storm a little, and I don’t think I understand quite what you guys like about it. I hit the record button, go off into my twisted mind, and yank out the shows. What results is kind of a mystery to me, since I’ve literally got no frame of reference here. So if I can pretend to know what I’m talking about, I need all of your help and input, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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    I think your podcasts are great, free flowing, which makes it feel a little bit like just listening to friends talking about topics where anything really goes rather then sticking to a hard script.

    It’s is the first podcast I listen to most mornings, gives me a good laugh to start the day with.

    The sound quality is also very good, which is nice.

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    Rich Nistuk

    I have to agree with madmanwoo, the good atheist podcast gives me a giggle.

    I like the free flowing conversational style. I like that you make the attempt to focus on topics and have real disagreements about them.

    What more can I say? Keep up the good work on the podcast.

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    Marley Marl

    I like the pod casts, very very entertaining, always makes me laugh. I dont think you need to change any thing, I will be giving some money soon, I promise haha!

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    I think what makes it great is that you guys really don’t take yourselves too seriously. Look the podcasts are about the most entertaining 1-1.5 hrs of my week.

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    I’ve always liked the podcasts for their organic nature, and the way they deal with serious subjects with a bit of light heartedness. You guys get away with being intellectual without sounding like a philosophy textbook.

    Don’t ever try to make the things more structured or you’ll lose a hell of a lot of the character and identity that makes the show great.

    Also …

    Sort out the fucking beginning!


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    I have to agree with the other comments and praise the free-flowing style. Also, I love the fact you and Ryan often have disagreements that you genuinely discuss to a satisfying conclusion in most cases.
    Perhaps most important is that I’ve come to respect the opinions of both hosts.
    (Jeff (It’s Jeff right? Y’know, the gaytheist) works excellently as a sub-co-host aswell)

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    Kevin O'Leary

    Totally agree with most of the comments here, in particular I think it’s an important quality that you and Ryan don’t always see eye to eye. Well done for being bang up to date with most stories as well. Also, the 30 minute format is just about perfect for what you guys are doing. I’d be interested in hearing a show with all three of you (including Jeff, more minds to bounce ideas around with), but I think the conversation may suffer with more than three presenters.

    Please fix the begining of the show though, anything would be a better solution than playing 30 secs of a different pop song every week – plus I often cringe at the idea of someone overhearing and thinking it is actually my music (Kev’s got his Rap music up loud again…I thought he liked Shostakovich?). Yes, I’m a music snob and an Atheist. How about some Progressive Rock?

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    I usually hate the intro music. Just something simplistic, classical and different would be nice.

    I don’t know if you have same opinion, but I think a little audience involvment would be cool. You could make an email for the show and let people email in their thoughts on a subject, plus you could have litte fun contests sometimes.

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    Oh, and for the love of Science, stop telling us about the patron-thingy! We all know about your plan for us to give you money for more shows, you don’t have to explain it every single time.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Having a small “commercial” at the end asking people for patron monies is the price of free my friend. If you can pay for all my expenses, I’ll think about not talking about it anymore.

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    I love the informality of the podcast. I wish you had some more guests and would keep your agenda. For instance, you once said the next podcast would be on buddhism, but it wasn’t. I do like that you keep up with current events though. Major plus.

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    I like that the program doesn’t go on for unnecessarily long time. Other atheist podcasts are good, but it seems like they feel they need to fill the hour, for the sake of doing so. You just end whenever the moment feels right, and that rocks.

    Also, I like that there’s not a lot of scripture reading for the sake of debunking it, and you don’t explicitly feel the need to give the “other side” a say – they certainly don’t give our side a say.

    One of my favorite moments is in on of your recent podcasts, you just went off on the need to be polite to religious people, and being at work while listening, I almost burst out laughing and wanted to yell “f@^& yeah!”. I tend to be fairly non-confrontational, but sometimes I just want to feel that there’s someone on my side, saying what I want to hear and to have people around to support me and the sake of rational thought. Being loose and explicit and non apologetic about it made my week.

    On the down side… sometime 2+ mins of your ranting about $20/yr is annoying. Besides that, it’s worth waiting for.

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    I love that one time you said the next podcast would be about Buddhism and then it wasn’t. THAT’S why I listen to you guys.
    If you want to change it up a bit, maybe try a TGA mailbag show. It probably wouldn’t work as a monthly thing like Linker and you always seem to have a bunch of interesting topics to talk about anyways but it could be interesting every now and again to answer some questions we throw at you.
    hope this was helpful

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    The show is good because you’re a couple of funny dudes. You have a good dynamic. I started out listening to other atheist shows, but instantly liked yours better when I first came across it. I do however agree with the people who want a more standardized intro.

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    I listen to your free podcast, no I”m not planning on paying for a second episode. The team you and Ryan make doesn’t quite come together. Ryan has the ability to some up the point you try to make by ranting for twenty min you have all the passion. Let Ryan run the show and direct you, do just a little more research, have a little more control of the topics and you guys could have first class podcast. Your blog is better than your podcast.

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    I listen to a couple of atheist podcasts and while they all have different styles I like them all. What I like about this one is that its fun and light but still touches on serious topics. I like that you guys don’t always look eye to eye on some subjects.

    Sometimes I wish you would do interviews or involve the audience a bit more.

    Keep up the good work.

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    I also like the podcast because of the casual, conversational style and how funny it is. I’d add that I like that you don’t shy away from politics like most of the other atheist podcasts out there. The shows basically perfect and it trumped all 20-ish of the other podcasts I listen to right away.

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    Zombie Jesus

    The podcast amalgamates comedy, educational information, and gratuitous profanity. Could you ask for a better combination? The fact that it partakes in the dialectic (far superior to that loser Socrates) with Ryan is usually what makes it so good. It’s not just one person on YouTube sitting in front of a camera telling us his opinion. There’s a person there with similar but different viewpoints, and it’s that counterbalance that usually lends to ending on the more logical reasoning.

    Ryan plays a good Bas Rutten to your Michael Schiavello, just as you take up the Rutten gauntlet for the other podcast. In every commentary, there should be the informational commentator and the colour commentator. You can’t go wrong with that pairing.

    I also enjoyed your work as Rusty Ryan in Oceans Eleven. Wait, that was Brad Pitt. But you kicked ass in Fight Club. Hold on, I think that might have been Brad Pitt again. Man, Brad Pitt rocks.

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