Convicted child rapist to become ordained minister

Have you ever wondered if there aren’t some churches that are a bit too inclusive? Sure, it might first seem like a good idea to accept anyone regardless of their past, but once in a while you have to know where to draw the line. Take the City of Refuge Worship Center, which plans to ordain a registered sex offender.

Mark Hourigan was convicted of raping an 11 year old boy, but ended up serving his prison term. No doubt in prison he did what most convicts do: he found religion.

If it’s any comfort (trust me, there isn’t any), officials claim that he won’t be ministering to children. They even got him to sign an agreement that he wouldn’t preach to children, which seems to me about as binding as the old “pinky swear”. Some of the (smarter) congregants have left as a result, which goes to show not everyone is deluded enough to think that a child rapist can be rehabilitated with only the power of the Lord.

I could be wrong of course, and Mark could have totally repented for his crimes. Call me close minded, but I’ve yet to hear about this kind of thing working out for everyone in the end. The Catholic Church tried the whole “use the Lord to fight off your sinful temptation” before, and it only made the abuse worse. My advice to these guys is pretty simple: don’t bring anybody that’s ever abused any kids in your organization, period. Is that really so hard to understand?

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    “Ky. Church to Ordain Registered Sex Offender”
    Well, at least he’ll be using lube next time.

    All stupid jokes aside, given the stigma the church already has with the whole child molestation issue, why on Earth would they want to add this guy to their ranks? Ministering to Children or not, I wouldn’t want him preaching to me about morality.

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    Well, that’s the Ted Haggart syndrome: before any other religion (except maybe Raelians — though they have only the “cult” status by lack of politic power), Christians have this perverse tendency to exhibit (if not adulate) their most f*cked up elements.

    Those are such a perfect example, really. For obviously, whatever they have committed, it was the devil’s fault and they’re presented as “saved”.
    Churches are a daily exhibition of Ted Haggart clones. Not to forget that the Romans have an ex little nazi at the Vatican too…

    Religions are not based upon any ounce of dignity, ethics, or morality. Expecting any of this from any of their gonzo groups is like expecting a rock to kiss one’s cheek. *grin*

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