Why is no one listening to this man?

If there’s one thing you can credit to fundamentalist Islam, it’s their ability to control their flock. There aren’t many Islamic fundamentalists that apostatized, and anytime there is, it offers us a unique opportunity to understand the scope of terrorism that shouldn’t be ignored. Ed Husain was a radical, brought into this culture in college by other British born Muslims, and it wasn’t until he witnessed the cold blooded murder of an innocent man that he was able to walk away. Now, he’s trying to warn other Brits of the growing dangers of fundamentalism, and his message is simple: the UK needs to do a better job at integrating their Muslim population in British society.

He correctly points out one of the main problem lies in Muslim ghettos, where anyone living there can practically spend their entire lives without ever leaving the confines of the group; you can send your kids to a Muslim state school, go to a Muslim NHS doctor, and even do business entirely within the Muslim community there.

Of all the countries in Europe, Britain has had the most trouble properly integrating this minority in their culture (and stories like this don’t help). This in turn is creating a dangerous situation, as their own citizens are slowly becoming their worst enemies. Worst still, British prisons are becoming recruiting centers, a situation that only exacerbates an already serious problem.

I don’t want to sound alarmist here, but when former fundamentalists are telling people they need to act now before it’s too late, is it really a good idea to ignore them? It’s not as though Britain hasn’t been the target of attacks before. The solution seems relatively simple; don’t allow a segment of your population to become dangerously isolated, especially one with a tendency towards fundamentalism. Is that really hard to understand?

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    Very well-written entry, Jacob.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Thanks Wendy. I didn’t actually think the article was any good. Thanks for making my day.

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    Injun Trouble

    From what I understand, the real issue regarding Muslims in Britain is that the majority of them are insisting laws be changed in their favor…and in fact that British society live under Muslim rule of law. Who’s the one not properly integrating here?

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    Well there’s the rub. Islam is not just alien to uk society and culture, it is offensive to it. There is no sensible prospect of meaningful integration. Typically Muslims in the uk are of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin. They are Muslim first, Pakistani second and British when fillling out benefits claims. Allowing these Muslim enclaves to develop is one of the most disasterous things we have done to British society. It is not for us to integrate them and certainly not for us to appease them. Other immigrants of Asian origin have managed to establish themselves in the UK and become productive and valued members of society. They haven’t blown up anyone either. It is nocoincidence that the ones who slavishly adhere to a reigious text that orders the murder of people who don’t think the same way as them are the ones who refuse to get along with everyone else.

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