The Good Atheist 089

Hi gang. Like I mentioned before, a technical glitch forced us to re-record the show, and as good as the last one was, I actually think it was better this time around. The other one is forever lost in the ether, so unless any of you have a time machine, you’re stuck with this one.

On the show we discuss the perversion of science in newspapers, how even atheists have superstitions, and we also talk about how racism is alive and well in America.

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    Why did you say “Enjoy everyone” in your tweet for this episode if it’s not for everyone? That’s just misleading.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I guess I’m just an idealist for thinking that everyone would think that paying less than 2 bucks a month for 26 podcasts, plus one every week for the next year was a good enough deal to convince everyone.

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    Ha, it’s funny hearing you joke that Derren Brown is like a gay James Randi, considering what we know now.

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