The Independent fights the good fight

Now I’ve often linked from the newspaper on many occasions, but today is a special honor. In January of last year, a young Afghan journalist was sentenced to death for distributing a report criticizing the treatment of women under Islamic Law. Sayed Pervez Kambaksh was sentenced in a 4 minute trial that was closed to the public, but luckily, the Independent got wind of the story and thanks to their efforts and a lot of international pressure, Sayed has been released.

Of course, not all is well in Afghanistan, and conservative clerics are reacting with anger over what they see as Western interference in their domestic policy. They want him punished for his blasphemy, and only death will appease them.

Luckily, not everyone in the country is out for blood. Many young citizens are happy that the situation has been resolved peacefully, and if there’s any hope for the future of this nation, it lies with the new generation.

So if you aren’t yet a fan of the Independent (I’ll admit that there is a bit too much fucking gossip on this damn site), you should at least give them props for helping to save this man’s life.

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