The Book of Job explained!

The only lesson I can gather from the story of Job is he was a pawn in a cosmic pissing match between God and the Devil. Had this actually happened, I would have been disgusted, but luckily it’s just your typical desert people myth. Man with lots of wealth gets fucked over but keeps on believing in God. The lesson: don’t expect to have a good life even if you are devout. What a fair deal, no?

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    I love that god wears a shirt saying ‘GOD’.

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    I’m a Christian and that was freakin’ hilarious.

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    You are not a follower of God so you will not get the book of Job. That is why it won’t help you get it if I say to you that Job sketches how God is not subject to our approval or our idea of what is fair.
    In the end, He always does what is best but that is only because He is that way by definition. He owes nobody anything at all. Job suffered because it was God’s decision to demonstrate Job’s loyalty to God to Satan this way, teach Job’s friends how deeply Job truly loves and understands God and teach us how the universe actually fits together. And then he returned Job’s prosperity. Taking into account that Job eventually lives with God for eternity, and that Job’s children probably also ended up with God, it wasn’t too bad after all….

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    Can you explain to me why in the first place God needed to prove anything to Satan?

    Better yet, why does he let Satan exist?

    Even better yet, why did he create Satan in the first place knowing full well that Satan would turn on him and become the embodiment of evil?

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