What Jehovah’s Witnesses believe

You know what I like most about this cartoon? They aren’t afraid to kill a couple blond, blue eyed kids with explosions and flooding. All of that shit courtesy of an invisible Jesus who is raining down holy terror. What a pleasant guy!

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    Ok so at 0:38 he’s a perfect sinless man, but at 2:02 he’s going to destroy the earth. Contradict much? It seems to me that for one to be “sinless”, he has to not destory the earth. I know, my standards for sinless people are so high(!)

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    Jacob Fortin

    I loved his crazy hand gestures to bring about destruction. Very theatrical!

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    WHOA – that was actually kind of quaint/cute until Jesus/Michael went all maniacal with the armageddon hand gestures!

    I guess if you had to boil religion down into 6 words of less, “everyone will die except the believers” works.

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    I thought it odd how Jebus was left-handed. (He holds his sword with his left hand). Priests and nuns use to strike kids for writing with their left hand. The “sinister” hand, sinister = “suggestive of evil.”

    If this was a marketing video, (to encourage people to buy their product), they should fire and person who made it.

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    Kevin O'Leary

    Hey, you can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs!

    I was a JW years ago, they made me into an Atheist – as you slowly learn about the organisation you realize it is nothing less than Nazism.

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    Rob Miles

    I’m truly confused. I can’t tell if this is an anti-JW spot, to turn people off of JW, or a pro-JW one. It worked for me as the anti-JW spot, but I was already anti-JW.

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    JW’s are about as stupid as they come. Only Scientologists and Mormons have them beat.

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