John Safran tells it like it is

This scene is from “John Safran vs God“, a television program from Australia. Although his voice may be shrill and annoying, the guy knows how to make good television (I strongly recommend downloading it). Hopefully, I’m one of those guys who’s smart enough to be an atheist, but hey, you never know…

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    There’s something very cathartic about this.

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    The whole series is fantastic. I recommend it to everybody.

    (Except the last episode…. That’s very confrontational and disturbing. Too much so for me.)

    I disagree with his point in this particular segment though and see it as too narrow and confined (the question of whether or not god/gods exists/exist need not delve into cosmology), but it IS funny.

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    He has a point in that most atheists couldn’t explain the big bang.
    But he doesn’t mention that most religious people can’t explain what is written in their wholly book either.
    At least we don’t use magic white bearded sky fairy did it as an explanation.

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    Who cares if most atheists can’t explain the big bang? You don’t need to be well versed in cosmology to explain that there’s no evidence for the existence of any god or gods. The big bang doesn’t need to enter the conversation. A good, solid “i don’t know” is a scientific enough answer for how the universe came into existence. Nobody knows.

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    Two things are happening here. Either

    1: He’s saying ‘before you shit on someone elses ideas, have some of your own.


    2: I think he’s confusing being an atheist with being a scientist.

    I’ll be the first to admit I don’t fully understand the Big Bang theory, but I know enough about how the rational world works to know that a supernatural big brother character didn’t create the world some six-thousand years ago.

    It’s would be kinda like me saying ‘If you’re not an electrician you’re in no position to tell me my house isn’t powered by an energy Djinn’.

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