Apparently, I’m too brainwashed to read the Bible!

I loved thinly veiled Christian organizations trying in vain to get apostates to believe in God again. Outreach Media seems to have a simple goal in mind; to turn you back to Jesus if you’ve read Richard Dawkin’s God Delusion and feel as though your faith has been shaken. Their approach is to point you in the direction of books that try and destroy his argument (such as the terrible The Dawkins Delusion book), and their poster laughingly suggests that atheists are brainwashed.

In case anyone has forgotten, atheism is merely the ideological position that there is no real evidence for God, and when you think about it, skepticism regarding such extrordinary claims made without any compelling evidence makes sense. Their claim that Christianity is somehow the most “researched” faith is not only insultingly wrong, it’s entirely deceptive and totally unnecessary. After all, aren’t Christians supposed to have faith in Jesus regardless of evidence? What’s all this proof bullshit?

Pay special attention to the prayer at the end: “Dear God, please help me to fairly consider the claims of Jesus. AMEN”. Hmm, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say anytime you have to pray to have an open mind, you’ve probably made up your mind already!

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    Strangely, I’m an athiest not because I read Dawkins, but because I read the bible. So does that means God Himself brainwashed me into being an atheist?

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    Yeah, too brainwashed by evidence and facts to consider that a jewish zombie died for everyone! And is that really brainwashing at all?

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    That’s the limit! If this is on my bus, I’m not driving it. I’m offended, I’m not sure how or why, but I am!

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    I found that hilarious, I find it’s usually Atheists who HAVE read the bible and theists who haven’t.

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    It isn’t a very creative poster, is it.

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    It stinks to me of desperation. It’s like someone who’s been accused of sophistry saying “I know you are, but what am I?”

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    Yeah. It seems like they’re afraid of something.

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    Everything I read in the bible said I should be stoned to death.

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    T Mackiewicz

    As a former Christian, I must ask, why it is that Christians have preachers, who do their best, week in and week out, to maintain their flock’s level of belief? Is it not a sign of brainwashing when you repeat the same messages over and over, no matter how illogical they are, and then threaten those who dare to to question with eternal damnation? I would go as far to say that Atheism is the cure for brainwashing. How could it not be, when we demand extraordinary evidence for outlandish claims?

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    I’m not an atheist because I read Dawkins. I read Dawkins because I’m an atheist. I needed to hear a sane voice during the Bush years.

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    “I would go as far to say that Atheism is the cure for brainwashing”

    Hi and welcome to!

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    Larsen Rogers

    I had never heard of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc. until after I became an Atheist. I began to lean towards Atheism when I became more committed to attending Church and reading the Holy Bible. I was around the age of 17.

    Although, I was raised a Christian, my parents did not make an effort to attend Church every Sunday. But around the age of 17, I was considering the idea of becoming clergy so I became a dedicated Christian.

    Approximately, a year into my crusade around the age of 18, the doubts began to creep in and I began to wonder about things that did not make sense.

    I learned quickly that certain questions were taboo, which really annoyed me. I wanted facts and evidence that Jesus Christ and God were real and I felt like the clergy was hiding something. So I began to research the origins of Christianity. And Holy Bible Sh*t, I learned that Christianity was all man-made. No God required!

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    No, Christians are never in the Bible encouraged to believe apart from evidence (see initial post). You should have a reread of the notes that accompany the poster. The verse is from 1Thessalonians 17 where the Bereans are praised for checking that Jesus fits the criteria for the messiah. You may want to discount the kind of evidence that they look at (internal prophecies from the Bible). But this shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly. Predictions made thousands of years earlier are fulfilled in the person of Christ. Reading through the book of Acts you’ll find that Jesus is consistently presented as the fulfillment of scripture.

    In 1Corinthians 15 Paul readily admits that if Jesus is not raised then Christians are fools.

    There seems to be, amongst the New Atheist Movement, a willingness to be extreme and harsh. There is a militancy that is, quite frankly, disturbing. Why oh why is there this tone of triumphalism? What is the triumph? If God is dead, then there is no meaning, no good, no love, no purpose. Dawkins flippant manner of dealing with this question in the God Delusion papers over a very serious question. Whilst theists must reconcile a good God with the ‘problem of evil’, atheists have a much more terrible problem… ‘the problem of good’. There is no good. Nothing matters. Not this argument, nothing. I’ve never met an atheist who lived consistently like this.

    But, the real reason I’m responding on this page is that I want to challenge all of you to read a range of responses to Dawkins et al.

    John Stuart Mill wrote this about intellectual integrity:
    He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that. His reasons may be good, and no one may have been able to refute them. But if he is equally unable to refute the reasons on the opposite side; if he does not so much as know what they are, he has no ground for preferring either opinion.
    (1859, ‘On Liberty’)

    You can find such a range provided here:

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    Jacob Fortin

    You are still proposing that we read the Bible and accept it as proof of something. All it proves is that Iron and Bronze age people have myths, and that is all it proves. It is not a historical document anymore than the Iliad.

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    Jacob, are you an historian? With what authority have you concluded thatthe Bible isn’t a historical document?

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    Jacob, here in Australia, there are a number of internationally well respected professors of history specialising in the ANE at well known universities… who are Christian. They have no problem with God revealing himself through prophecy in the Bible.

    However, you haven’t really responded to my challenge. Why not do that thing which requires integrity. The hard thing of reading the contrary position? It will take some time. It will be hard work. I’ll try and remember to visit this site in a month or two to see your reflections. Do read some of the books on the list I posted. It may well challenge some of your assumptions. If not, then so be it. But I hope we can have a respectful discussion about the issues.

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    UnitedAtheist Front

    I was told about this poster in front of a church by my friend the other day. The ignorance and childish argument it presents sickens me; especially as it’s supporting a bronze age fairy tale responsible for so much oppression and death. Upon further digging I found that it was posted in front of 100 churches.

    I have made a parody of this poster. Let me know what you think.

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    Wait, this poster is in Australia? WTF?

    Anything overly religious here is met with laughter and ridicule. If the aim of this poster is to convert people, then it will backfire.

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    “If God is dead, then there is no meaning, no good, no love, no purpose.”

    You’re capable of writing this, but not capable of recognising that it is your motive, your source for WANTING to believe in a higher power.

    You’ve correctly identified the basic need (or more accurately, want) of the human psyche to justify morality in terms of an external authoritative source.

    The real problem is that many people are unwilling or unable to use their own personal moral compass to guide their own lives. The down side with using an external source to define your own code of conduct is that when one transgresses the rules, you’re not disobeying yourself… you’re disobeying the higher power. And in christianity, when you disobey the higher power, you ask for forgiveness, and it is given. This is not conducive to learning from one’s mistakes, and it’s certainly not conducive to introspection. Instead, when a transgression is enacted, the focus is shifted outward, to ‘god’. It’s unhealthy.

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    I saw this poster outside a church recently, and as an atheist ex-christian it made me quite mad… until I kept walking and a few metres down the road was a young boy, no older than 10 years old, busking.

    What song was he singing?

    John Lennon’s “Imagine”

    All of a sudden, everything felt right with the world again.

    Religion and foolish superstition have already lost their choke-hold on society, and are well on the way to becoming a powerless marginal belief held by only a few.

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    The reson you do not read the Bible is because it requires that you are in touch with your spiritual self and if you read it without spiritual desire and only a desire to prove something it doesn’t make for a good read so it just depends why you are too brain washed to read the bible are you reading to feed the mind,body,soul, thought pattern or the spiritual beig that is housed in your flesh?

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    A billboard I would love to see:

    You better love me, or else I will torture you for billions of years.


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    Well Aware.

    Reading through all of the comments on this post, i’ve noticed the common ‘christian comeback’ is something along the lines of ‘how can you judge the bible and our religion when you’re atheist and no nothing about our religion’.

    I was born into a roman catholic family but never particularly bothered about choosing a belief system, so arguably i’ve spent my life as an agnostic or technically a non-theist since i never felt the need to concider faith until the last 4 years or so. I went to catholic schools all my life and currently study the philosophy of religion, so i consider myself well informed.

    You can justify just about anything with the bible, if you manipulate words and twist interpretations, then even the most abhorrent acts can be seemingly justifed. Upon closer reading, the bible is relatively contradictory to itself, and not to mention violent and unfair.

    Thus my response to all you pro-christianity commenters is that we’re not using science or athiestic theories to detract from your belief. Merely using flaws that already exist within your ‘holy text’.

    By no means am i riduculing or attempting to falsify your beliefs, everyone has the right to put their faith in what they see fit – no one can remove that human right. However, the minute you start telling me im going to burn in hell for not believing, it’s only reasonable that i’ll attempt to verbally inihilate you.

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    Well Aware.

    (sorry – was touch typing and not paying attention)

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    Can an athiest (any of you) please tell me why you are obsessed with God, the Bible & religious people (with a few actual Christians thrown in)????? I just don’t get it.

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