Derren Brown is awesome

With the recent news that my hero James Randi is sick with cancer, it’s nice to know guys like Derren are around to pick up the slack. He’s charismatic, fun, and his experiments are simply “magical”.

Here he is demonstrating how superstitions are formed, and how human beings often mistake coincidence for meaningful events. This video is required watching for all fans of skepticism!

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    I watched that when it was airing in the UK. Darren Brown is no less than a genius, and he he matches with Dr. Who… oh the chaos! 🙂

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    Kevin O'Leary

    I like Derren a lot and thinks he does a lot of work in the cause of scepticism. However, I was surprised to hear James Randi criticise him for his association with Hypnotism on the SGU podcast a couple of years ago.

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    Derren is actually amazing. His live show was even better, he seemed like he was reading minds so specifically that I might have been convinced if he’d said he was. He has a new series coming up called The Events – they’re supposed to be the biggest stunts he’s ever done.

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