Steve Anderson wants Obama to die like Ted Kennedy

Looks like Anderson is facing a lot of flack for his comments that he hoped Obama would die, and now he’s decided to clarify that he prays for brain cancer (like Ted Kennedy) rather than any individual within his own church to take matters into their own hands.

Yeah, you’re a real saint, Steve.

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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    If his congregation is going to church armed then he is certianly the leader of a very dangerous and insane group of people.

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    So if Obama doesn’t die of a brain tumour does that mean that Steve Anderson will say that God wanted him to live and be president of the US? Somehow I doubt that…

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    Is it just me with my douche European idea of morality/good behavior or does the US of A just plainly suck my (non-existent btw) pastor’s ass? I mean, bringing GUNS to a fucking CHURCH where they actually pretend to tell the words of this Jesus guy who afaik was not this much into preaching hatred and warfare and killing people and such?

    Wonder how Fox covered this…

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    You know, I live in a small town in Missouri. I am the resident atheist in my community, and probably in the whole county.
    All of my neighbors are christians. All Pro-Lifers. Baptists, Catholics, and some are fundies. But none of them are even close to being this fucking crazy.
    When People like Steve Anderson come out to the whole world to show that they are just as crazy as a monkey house shit-fight,then that’s all it amounts to.
    I no longer get upset over these fundies, and their pathetic behavior. They only defeat their own purpose, and embarrass the Christian community as a whole. I say good for those people who came out publicly against him….and his armed congregation of thirty.

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    well, it’s a good thing that prayer doesn’t work lol.

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    Well said Laurel. Thank you. I will look at it that way instead of getting mad myself. Let them all come out into the light and be shown for who they really are.

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