Intelligent Design gets PWNED. Again.

The hilarious thing about Intelligent Design is it explains absolutely nothing about the natural world. It’s proponents would have us believe nature is so complex that only the power of a God (let’s not beat around the bush here) could possibly account for the existence of even the most basic forms of life. Because this hypothesis is built on the “God in the Gaps” argument, there is no need for any ID proponent to try and seek “proof” of their claims. So long as science can’t answer everything, they will continue to try and erode the public’s confidence in one of the most rigorously tested theories in science: evolution.

Well, it just got a little harder for these idiots to try and undermine science: researchers at Yale University believe they have discovered how Mitochondria (which provides energy to our cells) evolved from a free-living bacteria to one of the most critical components in our bodies. It’s a big step forward for science, and another blow for ID morons trying to pretend they understand the scientific method.

A discovery like this should be the final nail in the Intelligent Design coffin, but since there are still so many things we need to discover, there will always be those who seek to insert God in there somewhere. These poor, desperate fools want their mythology to be true so badly they are willing to try and destroy science to accomplish their goal. They are not harmless fools, but rather enemies of science and reason who seek to return us to the Bronze Age out of the stupid conviction that “scientific naturalism” leads to moral and ethical decay (this despite the fact that war, crime, and conflict is historically at an all time low).

If you want to believe in your precious God, then you’re free to do so; just don’t try to bring him into the laboratory where people are actually trying to get work done, thanks.

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    Brilliant article. Way to stand up for science! My biggest dream is that one day stupidity will be wiped from the face of the earth and replaced by logic, reason, and empirical facts. YTMND

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    John D. Stone

    I struggled with this subject for a long time — I am 63 and retired. It is the kind of thing that can get tiresome. A long time ago I came to the conclusion that ID is indeed real. I tried to come up with words that would condense all the arguments for ID since that is where I came down. The following words does it for me: The idea that happenstance can give birth to “function” a/o “purpose” is oxymoronic. To give birth to function or purpose you have to have “intent”; It has never been observed otherwise. Only makes me. A note on Darwin: When he would observe the smallest lifeforms with his crude instruments, he would only see a blob of jelly, for the most part. He just could not see or know what we can see or know now. He was just simply working with grossly incomplete data. Another thing that got my goat was information passing and information processing. I can relate to this since I worked as an IT Dept Mgr / Senior Programmer Analyst before I retired. You see, IT is going on anywhere life processes exists, from the leaf of a tree to our bodies. You can actually flowchart these processes. I haven’t done that but others have. I got to tell you the differences of intricacy and complexity of IT(info passing/info processing), even at the cellular level, and the Cray computer or what goes on at NASA, is astronomical. I have no trouble believing. It actually would take more faith to believe that happenstance did all this. I can’t except it. Numbers just don’t pan out. Sir, the odds of even one simple protein molecule forming by chance are 1 in 10**113, and thousands of different proteins are needed to form life. We all know that it is accepted that any odds of anything greater than 10**50 is considered impossible. I have seen other numbers but all I have seen are around 10**113 or greater. We all have to deal with this in our own way since we are free to reason and choose. I disagree with you on this, if I am correct about your take on ID, but I appreciate you website. I appreciate anyplace one can put down their two cents worth. I can’t wish you Godspeed but I do wish you well. Thanks for the opportunity to drop in a couple of pennies.

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    @John D. Stone:

    You say that odds of say 10**50 or greater are impossible, but I beg to differ. Considering (as is the generally accepted theory) that the universe is infinite, you might reconsider thinking that such odds are impossible. If the universe (or multi-verse, depending on the theories you might subscribe to) IS infinite, then it is only logical that somewhere in it’s infinity, those odds would occur. It just so happens that in this universe, those odds occurred in a tiny 8 planet solar system, with a planet that just happened to fall into the Goldilocks-zone where life then proceeded to evolve into what many today call (erroneously I might add) “creation”.

    You might consider this mind-boggling, but that’s kind of the point… We cannot truly comprehend the massive scale on which things happen in the universe, as our own frame of reference is influenced by our immediate macro-environment and to some extent by the social conditioning (ie religion, brain-washing, whatever-you-want-to-call-it) that has run rampant in society for thousands of years.

    Humans might never fully understand the processes of the universe, but that does not give us leave to fill those gaps with nonsense such as “god” or “intelligent design”.

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