Glenn Beck is annoying

Glenn Beck needs to stop thinking he’s William Wallace from Braveheart. He always looks like he’s on the edge of tears for absolutely no reason. It must be a sad time to be a Republican if they gravitate towards such a fat and annoying crybaby. Your whinny, desperate speeches only inspire the delusional or stupid, Glenn.

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    I need to get some addictions I can recover from so I can be better and stronger than evah!

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    Jason M

    “Glenn Beck is annoying”

    …in other news, water is wet, beer tastes good, and McDonald’s will help you get fat.

    Seriously, though, he is a giant bag of douche.

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    I think the approach being taken now by some groups, to go after his advertisers will ultimately get this fool off the air.

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    Infinite Monkey

    He said something people didn’t like, so, the people are rising against him. Anyone remember Don Icus? If I remember correctly, he said stuff people didn’t like, and he lost his job. How is this REALLY different?

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    Jacob Fortin

    I think you meant Imus. But he’s still on the air, just not with NBC.

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    Don Imus was fired though. And he sued CBS. And then he got hired by somebody else.

    If people don’t want to support companies that advertise with people they disagree with, that’s their right. People who agree with Glenn Beck and/or want to see his show continue to be on the air can call advertisers and say they WILL support those companies.

    In the end, people have to watch his show to agree OR disagree with him and whatever people will watch will have advertisers.

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    I liked him better when he was drinking; at least then he had an excuse for his shitty commentary.

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    There is a campaign to get Beck off the air: He’s lost ~36 sponsors already. HuffPo is pushing it the strongest.

    Interestingly, he’s also Mormon.

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    Not every republican loves this idiot…

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    Guy is just off; plain and simple.

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    He needs serious help and mental evaluation. Mentally healthy people don’t consistently cry, yell, scream and screech at people because they have zero control over their emotions.

    Yeah, not only is he mormon, he and his wife decided to join it out of every other christian church they investigated. It’s very easy to research primary testimony and documents that are incorrect and plain pieces of fraud, as well as basic etymology of the book of mormon.

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    “I was only truly miserable when I was lying to myself and to others.” Is it just me, or did that just sound as if he was trying to come out of the closet?

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