Warning; this is painful to watch

If you don’t know anything about evolution, it’s usually a good idea to do a little research before talking about it, especially if you think it’s wrong. Here’s a video from some douche who fancies himself both wise and hilarious; sadly he is neither. At first I was hoping he was one of the good guys, but as it turns out, this budget Ryan Seacrest seems to think both Intelligent Design and Evolution are unscientific. It’s a pretty bold claim for a scientist to make. Good thing he isn’t one.

Personally, I find these mindless idiots rather irritating and exasperating. No, evolution isn’t about “improvements”, and no, species don’t become increasingly better as time progresses. Evolution isn’t a progression of ever increasing complexity; it’s actually more like a tree, with species branching off (typically because a group becomes genetically isolated for an extended period of time), and slowly changing to better adapt to its environment. If this jackass would simply sit down and try reading a book rather than film himself saying stupid shit, he might actually learn something.

I actually have an idea for you buddy; if you don’t think evolution has ever been proven, then why not submit your idea to a scientific journal, citing all your facts and research to prove your point. If you’re right, a Nobel prize and handsome stipend will be your reward. It sure beats trying to become rich and successful making a series of unfunny and uninformative videos, don’t you think?

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    What a tool!

    I’m tired of all this “we can’t see it nonsense”, leave science to the scientists.

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    Umm, is this guy actually using the out-of-context ‘Dawkins said he believed in aliens in that Ben Stein movie’ argument?

    Man, that sounds like something Hitler would do.

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    He also seems to be equating evolution with the origin of life. Evolution doesn’t even try and answer that question. Why do people keep getting this wrong.

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    He leaves out an important part of any scientific theory: Predictive power. Tiktaalik is a excellent example.

    @Jeffrey – “How Ben Steinian of him”. As soon as I saw that part of the movie with Dawkins I knew right away IDers and creationists would cherry pick quotes and masturbate over it for some time. They’re still going hard it seems.

    I have to give this guy credit though, he does make an honest effort to present his steaming pile of denialism in an exciting way.

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    “slowly changing to better adapt to its environment.”

    This a poor interpretation of evolution. Species don’t change to adapt to there environment. Changes may occur within a species and if they are a positive change in the habitat, then they will be able to survive longer and reproduce more. Thus spreading the advancement of the species through reproduction. This kind of wording and evolution illiteracy is why many people don’t truly understand and deny evolution.

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    I can’t believe this kind of thing gets made. Insane.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Colt, I never implied that the change was a conscious one, only that as time went on, the species would change because of the selective pressure from its environment. I doubt very much that this wording is causing “evolution illiteracy”, or that this is what would cause people to deny evolution. People deny it because they simply refuse to believe it’s true, because it implies that we are all descended from a common ancestor, which upsets religious folks.

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    Wow. They will never get that shown in schools. No chance.

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    Lost Boy

    This video should be rated IF: Ignorant Farkwad.

    These are the folks who make you feel less proud of being a fellow human being…

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    Um, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is like Betty Bowers with less winks to the audience. I personaly think this is either just comedy or actual satire. Poe’s Law is in effect. I’m not convinced that he’s actually a creationist.

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    Jacob Fortin

    He’s neither. He tries to present himself as thoughtful and knowledgeable, but really he’s just an idiot.

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    he’s was doing okay until about 2:30 in.

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