Steven Anderson shows you “how it’s done”

You might remember this guy from his violent and hateful rhetoric about gays and his sermon calling on people to pray for President Obama to die and burn in hell. Here he is demonstrating in a video how one is to go about preaching the word of God. You may of course note that he seems to be preaching to the converted, but that’s besides the point. The challenge here, ladies and gentlemen, is to see how many minutes of this garbage you can watch before you lose your patience. I watched the whole thing, but then again, I took breaks every 2 minutes to avoid pulling all my hair out.

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    Wow, this guy is dangerous. He preaches that all you have to do is “believe on Jesus” pretty much just at some point in your life and you will go to heaven with no consequences for your actions. Then, preaches and prays for the death of homosexuals and the president. Sounds like a formula for blindly killing in the name of religion. I got a feeling this isn’t gonna end well.

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    wait wait, so i can kill people and molest and scam and lie and everything else, but as long as i believe in jesus i go to heaven? well thats fucked up! then why do they even have sins.

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    8:42 – he made the claim that ‘god cannot lie’. Isn’t that contradictory to the belief that he’s omnipotent; all powerful? Zealots like him really bother me, as they quote scripture that essentially gives people a free pass to do as they please without consequence. They don’t advocate that people work for the betterment of this world because they’re too busy worrying about what’s to come. Just don’t come knock on my door – like prayers, it’ll remain unanswered.

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