Pakistan getting crazier every day

It isn’t good news that a nation with nuclear capabilities is slowly becoming a fundamentalist theocracy. Here is a disturbing article in the Guardian about how the growing intolerance of Muslims in Pakistan is having deadly consequences. A few weeks ago, I reported on a group of Christians who were attacked for allegedly defacing the Koran. Their homes were set on fire with them still inside, killing 9 in the process. Investigators believe the real motivation behind the attacks was actually a land grab, and the organizers were in fact working for an unscrupulous local businessman.

These Muslim extremists are also busy trying to fill young people with hate propaganda:

Under Zia [former dictator of Pakistan], school textbooks were purged of any positive reference to minorities or Muslim traditions considered too pagan. Students were taught that Pakistan was a global vanguard of Sunni Islam forever threatened by Hindus, Jews and western imperialists. Pakistan’s penal code was amended to make blasphemy against Islam, including desecration of the Qur’an, a crime under strict penalties including life imprisonment to death. The Hudood Ordinance left millions of victims of rape exposed to the new crime of adultery while the testimony of non-Muslims was judged to be half the value of a Muslim.

Fundamentalists are easy to control and manipulate (since their own mental framework is entirely predictable and simple), and there is no better way to entice people to violence than through religion. It’s no secret that blind faith is a powerful political tool; politicians have known about this fact for centuries (if not more). I shudder to think what’s next for Pakistan. Will it become the next Afghanistan, or the next Turkey?

The author of the article offers a glimmer of hope; religiously motivated attacks are still being condemned, but I see no reason to believe the secularists will win in the long run. When your opposition is prone to acts of violence, how can reason hope to prevail?

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    This is a good example of why we fight against gun control.
    Want to guess how well the mob whould have done against my home???
    Ya I might well be dead but I can garantee that I would have a high place in Hell because of the crowd I brought with me!!
    Don’t even try to sell me on that wont work as a deterant because they are religious fanatics. You don’t hear about these assholes killing off their own criminal element because if they tried they know how badly they would die. Ever notice how these guys get to kill lots of people where gun control is absolute!??!!

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    Jacob Fortin

    What an odd way to proselytize about gun control. Not at all the issue here.

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    I know gun control is not the issue of the article it is about assholes attacking a house, setting it on fire and killing those inside. True.
    and why can they do that? because over there you are not allowed to have arms to protect yourself and the police are worse then useless.
    Primarily because the law is what the assholes say it is.
    Well if they were as well armed as my uncle (13 rifles, 7 handguns, 3 machine guns, 2 bows with arrows, 5 hunting knives, and a baseball bat) they would not be able to do anything without a heavy toll.
    In this country, the KKK had fun with certain poor sector of the economy – now that the ‘poor’ have guns, the KKK isn’t all thet quick anymore. The ATF has attacked the homes of some old people, but never the mansion of the mafia boss.
    So in a way it is the point…people don’t try that type of crap in the article when they know there is a good chance of being shot yourself.

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    Just Some Guy

    Get used to seeing it, folks, if we continue to coddle these and other religious lunatics in the name of religious tolerance.

    It’s kinda like watching Christianity through a time-warp! 😉

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