Hey, this jackass again!

Ok, I don’t want to make this site all about this (probably) closeted homosexual, but Steven L. Anderson has been on a bit of a tear recently. Now he’s calling on people to pray for Obama to die and go to hell. These guys are so loving! Doesn’t it just make you want to become a Baptist yourself? If you join now, you too can enjoy the exciting world of needlessly hating your fellow human beings for no good reason. So don’t delay, become a racist piece of shit today!

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    How is the Secret Service not all over this idiot?

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    I remember this pastor, he was the guy that got tazered and glass broken into his face since he didn’t follow police instructions.


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    Probably because prayer doesn’t do a damn thing :[. I’m sure it will be different once he and his congregation begin to start arming themselves to make their prayers a reality.

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    Does this mean he’s really a closet liberal too!

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    LB: your question about closet liberalism misses the point – the prissy little pastor’s (probable) repressed homosexuality is the defining factor that sculpts the rest of his behaviour, specifically on sexuality and politics.

    Sexuality is a deep down part of each person. Politics however is just a point of view. This guy however clearly hates his sexuality so much (and hence himself) that this hatred then goes on to define the rest of his relationship with the world, including his political points of view. In his case, the relationship is one of anger, frustration and high camp! It is hilarious to watch but unfortunate when douchebags start paying attention. It doesn’t speak well of the state of sexual (or subsequent mental) health in America I fear.

    Mark my words, this guy WILL be caught screwing the Mexican gardener and he WILL beg for fogiveness of his customers/flock. And they WILL give it (because they fancy the gardener too).

    Christians – only God could love them (which means they are in for a lonely life)!

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    Obviously if they just prayed, no problem. It’s the heavily armed whackaloons out there that think their god is talking to them, that’s what scares me.

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    Oh, he’s the guy who got tazered? Well no wonder they tazered him. Can we give him back to the police so they can do it again?

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