Ray Comfort thinks this is a miracle

Ray put this link on his blog, arguing because this amputated man is making something with his life, this is one of “God’s miracles”. I don’t think I need to remind everyone prosthetic limbs are actually an invention of science, or a loving God would have made his limb grow back (now that would be a fucking miracle!). Man, religious people sure look for any excuse to thank God, don’t they?

Also, don’t you fucking detest the way Fox News people are always pushing the military in our faces? It’s all propaganda to make dumb, well meaning kids sign up for service and get their legs blown off in the worst quagmire since Vietnam. They can’t say enough good things about soldiers and war. How about you return people home without missing limbs guys? I’m sure they would rather that than a bunch of fucking service medals.

(props to superfan Kate for the link)

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