Father Morris is a moron

The question was whether or not religious leaders are co-opting religion to try and get health care reform to be accepted. Father Morris (you may remember this idiot struggling to answer the question of whether Adam and Eve had belly buttons) then proceeds to co-opt God to undermine health care (making the host’s question burn with delicious irony). Don’t you want to strangle him every time he opens his annoying little mouth? Not a big fan of this jackass…

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    How is Obama using religious language and asking religious leaders to help with his bills NOT qualify as a violation of Church and State?

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    It’s probably not an outright violation, but it’s certainly dangerously close. I think it’s really an instinct left over from his “community organizing” days, given how promimnent churches are as social institutions.

    In the US, church and state are like an abusive married couple. They put on a good public face and can’t see the destructive truth within.

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    Bastard Soap

    Why is this religous speak even brought up when the other side is completely and utterly religously insane?

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