No divine protection for you!

There are only two churches in Williamsville, Illinois, and after a tornado destroyed one of them, residents are saddened by their angry deity’s decision to test their faith by collapsing the roof and walls of a church that was considered a ‘cornerstone of the community’.

Ok, I’m actually making the last part up. All of them seem to think it was just a natural phenomenon that took the church down (would they have felt the same way had a tornado destroyed a gay bar?), but I have to believe there are a few people who might suspect this was the handy work of their Old Testament vengeful God. Maybe they’ll blame homosexuality for the loss. It’s a popular scapegoat these days.

Well, this incident only goes to show that no amount of prayer and worship will guard a person (or a building) from getting annihilated from the forces of nature. We just have to live with the fact that every once in a while, Mother Nature goes apeshit and destroys everything, regardless of what silly religious denomination you belong to.

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