Compton pastor suspected of embezzling $800,000 from church

Religious devotees are so much more righteous than us lowly atheists, don’t you agree? How else can you explain the fact they are less likely to commit a crime, have a divorce, or abuse drugs. Oh wait, that’s actually the opposite, but hey, who’s counting?

The latest story of delicious impropriety on the part of the faithful comes from Compton, where Rev. E. Joshua Sims has been arrested after he was suspected of embezzling almost a million dollars from the Double Rock Baptist Church. He also threatened some of the church members who had begun to question his finances, during his sermons (for some suicidal reason).

Hey, don’t be so surprised when your beloved pastor ends up being a con man, people. Has there ever been a sweeter con than religion? Guys like Peter Popoff and Jim Bakker know full well the financial gains one can acheive from tricking the faithful. They would practically sell their kidneys on the black market if they thought they could be closer to God as a result.

Human beings are mostly confused, superstitious idiots who are easily shepherded by individuals that have only their own self interest at heart. I think it’s time people stop blindly trusting those who claim to hold a special place with God; they tend to either scam you out of your money, molest your kids, or both!

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