Foxhole Atheists

I’ve got a few fans in Iraq (stay alive you bastards!), so it’s nice to see them sending a message to conservative asses who declare there are no atheists in foxholes. If they are so sure, maybe they should enlist and find out for themselves, no? Awesome pic, guys!

**NOTE**Go read this open letter from a graduate at Westpoint talking about the growth of religious radicalism in the military. If there was ever a danger in religion, it’s to allow them to have control over any military.

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    Awesome! Come home safely, guys!

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    Yay for hot atheists in uniform! 😉

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    Kevin O'Leary

    Brave in more than just one sense of the word, hopefully they’re not getting too much grief by identifying themselves as part of a tiny minority in the armed forces…

    Well done, and good luck guys.

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    Abiogenesis, in fact, violates several basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry which are so universally held as to be axiomatic. To get around these difficulties, evolutionary scientists have turned to various means of modifying their basic abiogenetic theory which has also failed! Recent experiments show the willful manipulation and engineering by chemists! (INTELLIGENT AGENTS) Abiogenesis is nothing but assumptions and pure fantasy for atheists!

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    John S

    Abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution.

    Once again, the creationists don’t understand what they’re attacking.

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