Dane Cook sucks

In case you were ever a Dane Cook fan (most fans are women, since they consider him cute), I’d like to show you just how awful his stand up is. If you like a guy gyrating around like someone with cerebral palsy on crack, than maybe he’s your cup of tea. I dare any of you to watch the whole thing and try not to scream at your computer screen over just how unfunny this man really is (it also burns my craw that if you type “atheist” in iTunes, this routine is the first thing that pops up, right above me!). Oh, and his movies are universally TERRIBLE.

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    It still surprises me that we live in a world where so many people don’t believe in God. I guess it’s comforting to some people to deny the obvious, compelling evidence for God’s existence, because it makes them feel like they themselves are the only true “supreme beings”.

    The narcissism and blatant denial of facts that all atheists have is alarming.

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    Fuck atheists! GO CHRISTIANS! 😀

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    The only thing better than anti-atheist comedy is seeing the retarded cowards and useless idiots known as atheists crying buckets, throwing temper tantrums, and shitting their diapers over anti-atheist comedy. You worthless fucks keep proving our point: atheism is irrational, and atheists are all a bunch of assholes and pussies. Grow some brains, get a sense of humor, and grow the fuck up! Stupid fucking losers! God! You are all mistakes! Atheism is a genetic defect and a mental disorder that should have never happened. Don’t get butthurt, I’m just telling the truth. 😉

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    Oh, lighten up! Atheism is just a story. Don’t get so offended when people make fun of it. I love Brothers Grimm fairytales, but I don’t get upset whenever someone else dislikes them. That’s fine. Like with all forms of media, not everyone as to like the Brothers Grimm. Why do you people want atheism to be the only fairytale that is immune to criticism? Talk about entitlement! I swear, nothing that atheists say makes sense!

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    Science is the Opposite of Atheism

    Science vs. atheism… science wins every time.

    Atheism is holding back progress and destroying science by attempting to replace it with pseudoscience and fairytales.

    We Christians gave you atheist dimwits your precious science, and now we’re taking it back. We will stop you from further damaging the world.

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    All Evil Comes From Atheists

    Theists don’t hate atheists.
    Theists hate atheism for all the horrible things that atheism has done all throughout its existence.
    See atheists? It’s not that hard. Why can’t you understand this?

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    Proud Christian

    We know better than to believe in atheism. That’s why we make fun of atheists.

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    Atheism is Very Bad!

    Atheists upset about Christian’s free speech and pro-Christian stance.

    Who’s surprised? No one.

    Fuck atheists.

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    Antiatheist and Proud AF

    I had never even heard of Dane Cook before this, but I can already say that I’m officially a fan of his. Anyone who shares my intense dislike of atheism and who tells hilarious jokes about atheism that make atheists cry and get triggered is a person that I would love to be friends with!


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    Atheist “comedian”: *calls all Christians retards and terrorists, and tries to pass of his hate speech towards Christians as a “joke”*

    Christians: *shrug it off and move on with their lives*

    Christian comedian: *pokes harmless fun at atheism*

    Atheists: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE MUH ATHEISM!? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! YOU SUCK! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” *proceed to mock women and people with cerebral palsy, and then send the comedian death threats*

    LOL atheists!

    You people have been so indoctrinated into the cult commonly referred to as atheism that you can’t even handle jokes about your stupid, childish beliefs! This is one of the many reasons why nobody likes atheists. Grow up, losers!

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    Think Smarter

    Lol! Atheists are all brainless, drooling retards who can’t take a joke!

    It takes a special kind of dumbfuck to believe that everything exploded into existence without a cause and for no reason. Wake up people! God is real!

    I’ll tell you why I don’t believe in a cause less universe right after I tell you why I don’t believe in Voldemort……

    But first, let’s not forget that atheism makes people greedy, selfish, arrogant, dumb, violent, aggressive, and abusive.

    Atheism: not even once.

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