Steve Harvey gets regular spot on Good Morning America

Man, I love America. It’s the only country on earth where a man who has been married 3 times can write a book on relationships and end up on the New York Times Bestseller list for 26 weeks. Steve Harvey, the terribly unfunny star of his own show, has now joined Good Morning America and will be interacting with viewers with topics ranging from relationships to parenting.

You might remember Steve as a staunch atheist hater, who believes anyone godless is incapable of having a stable relationship, and incapable of having any morals. This idiotic and outlandish statement should have landed him in hot water. After all, had he said the same thing about any other minority (like say, the Jews), there’s no way in hell he would have been invited to become a regular guest on the morning show. Or course, no one is being called to task for saying hateful things about non-believers, at least not yet.

Steve Harvey doesn’t know much, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a career out of opening his stupid mouth. I can’t wait until he says something horribly offensive or bigoted again. I would love to hear what Steve has to say about homosexuality. That should be a laugh riot. So, my congratulations to Steve Harvey for being born in the only country in the world that would let a talentless fuck like you make such a good living.

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    It’s quite evident that Steve doesn’t know any atheists. He maybe doesn’t know how many atheists there are in America. In the next few years he’ll be getting a rude awakening because one by one they are starting to declare that Xtianity is false and has no place in modern culture.
    Even the Creation Museum has crapped in it’s own nest with the way they discriminate against people who don’t hold the same values as the MIGHTY CHRISTIANS do. Fred and Wilma are fictional people just those mentioned in the bible. They’ve had it all their way for too long and will now start feeling the pinch. Ancient scribes writing holy books won’t cut it anymore.

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    get a life if u dont agree with him dont listen to him simply change the staiton, i agree with most the things he talks about wether their right or wrong they r our opinions so ill say it cause he cant, FUCK A HATER jonathan tripp 23/w/m from florida

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