Malaysian model sentenced to public caning for drinking alcohol

Corporal punishment sucks. I don’t know why we still live in a world that thinks beating people with canes is a good idea for offences as innocent as having a bit of alcohol. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno is a model in Malaysuia who had the bad fortune to be drinking a beer at a local nightclub, and a judge has sentenced her to be flogged with a rattan cane. In case you are like me and have no idea what the hell a rattan cane is, here’s the Wikipedia entry:

The flexibility and durability of rattan canes make them an effective instrument for inflicting disciplinary pain. A rattan 4ft long (1.2 m) and half an inch thick is used for judicial corporal punishment in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.[3] It is soaked in water before use to make it heavier and even more whippy. This punishment is delivered to the offender’s bare buttocks. It was a rattan (not bamboo, as widely misreported) that was used for the caning of Michael P. Fay in 1994. It is also used to discipline recalcitrant soldiers in the Singapore Armed Forces.

They wet it before whipping you with it? Sadistic bastards! In any case, Kartika is going to have to bear the pain of this stupid punishment for the crime of enjoying herself by having one beer. One stupid drink, can you believe it? They don’t usually give this kind of punishment to women, but because of her high profile, the judge felt he could make an example out of her by doing this barbaric act in public. Obviously, he’s a great guy, and his country sounds like a swell place to have a bachelor party…

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    The Mother

    Wait a minute. If it’s illegal to drink, why are there nightclubs selling alcohol?

    Or is it just WOMEN who aren’t allowed to drink?

    I’m confused.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Muslims aren’t allowed, but nightclubs don’t need to verify if you are muslim or not.

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    I’m all for caning as punishment for some crimes: drunk driving, domestic abuse, child molesting, etc. It may not be “just”, but I can’t say I’m against it.

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    Religions are insane, Islam being the craziest. Corporal punishment for drinking alcohol is absolutely insane. Especially since those in power are the most corrupt of the bunch. Its not about god or Allah, its about power.

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    Not to change the subject, but what does one model in a place where you wear a sheet?

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    Hardly anyone wears the Burqa in Malaysia. The population is split between ethnic Malay, ethnic chinese and ethnic Indian. The official religion is Islam, but there is a significant number of Christians Hindus and Budhists there. The Burqa, outside Saudi Arabia, is mostly an affectation of Muslims living in the West. There is no rule of Islam that requires it to be worn. It’s usually done to make a point either by a dumb woman who choses to wear it or a dumb man who makes her.

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    adopt some of the punishments prescribed in Islam to overcome such social problems like drinking, rape, murder and children out of wedlock.

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    Angela Lee

    Let me clear the air:

    1. The caning as it applies in this case comes under Malaysian Syariah Court laws — the Islamic courts that watch over Muslim citizens, so to speak. This is not the same as corporal punishment caning, which is administered by Federal courts. The difference between the two punishments is simple: one is meant to cause pain, while the other is meant to humiliate.

    The description provided above (the flexibility and durability of rattan canes make them an effective instrument for inflicting disciplinary pain…) is the cane used in corporal punishment. The cane used in Syariah caning is little more than a stick, and the actual caning itself is little more than a flick of the wrist rather than a full-out whip. As I said, the intention here is to humiliate the offender, rather than cause him or her pain.

    2. Under the aforesaid Syariah laws, Muslims may not consume alcohol. Regular laws could not care less, however. Malaysia is a clubbing paradise, and everyone is free to enter them and party until late. Muslims who do party here and drink are basically taking a risk (like Kartika).

    Kartika was just unlucky to be caught. Most of the time, Muslims caught consuming alcohol merely pay a small fine, and life goes on for them. But since Kartiak is a minor celebrity, the powers that be figure that can use her as a case study to deter other Muslims from consuming alcohol. It will never happen of course — Malaysia is far to liberal for such archaic laws to ever gain a foothold.

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