Bahamas divided over Sexual Offenses Act

You have to wonder what century we’re living in sometimes. The Bahamas is currently a hotbed of controversy as men and women are passionately debating about the amendment of a Bill intended to protect women against marital rape. It seems some don’t believe rape is ever possible once the couple is actually married, and you can guess what ‘historical’ document they are using to prove their claim: yep, it’s the Bible!

The craziest thing about this debate is how many women actually oppose the Bill.

“I disagree with the bill because I disagree that a man can rape his wife. The Bible tells me that a man’s body is his wife’s and her body is his. How could he rape her?”

“If a man wants to have sex with his wife he is supposed to [have sex with her] regardless of what the circumstances [are]. I don’t see why he should be charged with raping his own wife, she is never supposed to say no”

“If I were married and my husband wanted to have sex with me I wouldn’t stop him, [because] I’m not supposed to, even if I was tired or feeling sick, I wouldn’t tell him no”

Ladies, if you don’t think that a husband can ever rape you, then why would this Bill affect you in any way? Since you obviously feel that you are his property, the law doesn’t apply to you. It’s supposed to be used by people who actually don’t like the idea of being forced into sex. I know it’s weird, but not every woman out there feels it’s kosher to be held down and forced into intercourse. Crazy, huh?

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    And these people wonder why no one takes them seriously.

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    The Mother

    But people DO take them seriously.

    There’s actual psychopathology here–women who put up with marital rape aren’t just quoting scripture, they’re sick.

    It takes two people to make a pathological relationship. Every women’s shelter is full of one half. The “abused woman” syndrome is well known and well documented.

    And there are cultures, generally theocracies, who fail to recognize either the abuser’s problems or those of the abused. In this day and age, that’s simply unacceptable.

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    I guess that’s true, I think my main quandry with this situation is just how foreign it is. I can’t imagine this even being part of a legitimate debate yet alone being practiced.

    This kind of thing will only go away with prolonged social development and education. I fear it may be a long hard road.

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    While watching a movie about wife beating/rape, my wife looked at me and said if I tried any such thing I’d wake up seeing blood pooling around my ass, important parts shoved down my throat and her standing over me with a big bloody knife. I believed her too!!!

    I have seen so many women here who actively train their daughters to be submissives little meek ZEROS-nothings-slaves!!! And the asshole males who encourage this because they are hateful of womens power and natural creativity (babies). Over there I can understand that all of society enforces this behavior, over here there is law and acts of self-defence and no real excuse for this to happen.

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