Wait, Christians need proof of their religion now?

You know the word “faith” that religious people keep throwing in your face every time their arguments for the existence of God falls flat? They use the word so often it’s lost almost all meaning. It’s really just a cop out; a word that allows them to avoid having to answer difficult questions.

Whether or not Christians admit it, their beliefs are more than just faith; they are convinced the evidence for the divinity of Jesus is overwhelming, and the Bible is a literal account of the history of the Earth. It’s why people can release these kinds of books and sell thousands of copies to anyone desperate enough to try and reconcile science with religion (a very futile effort).

The Proof that God Exists and the Bible is True doesn’t sound like a book that places much emphasis on faith. Its purpose is to “arm” Christians with enough false or misleading science so they can convince themselves they have examined all the evidence for their belief. It just goes to show that simply having “faith” is not enough. All humans need proof of something, whether they admit it or not. Here’s the pitch for this book:

Scientific proof of a young universe and a young Earth (as the Bible says)

How all proven supernatural occurrences (that is, where the laws of nature are broken) that have been verified by a number of scientists are tied to Christianity, and there are no proven ones outside of Christianity.

Wow. Just wow.

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