Hitchens laments the appeasement of fundamentalists

Here’s an article from Christopher Hitchens on Yale University Press and their decision to censor their own book out of fear of Islamic violence.

Yale University Press announced last week that it would go ahead with the publication of the book, but it would remove from it the 12 caricatures that originated the controversy. Not content with this, it is also removing other historic illustrations of the likeness of the Prophet, including one by Gustave Doré of the passage in Dante’s Inferno that shows Mohammed being disemboweled in hell. (These same Dantean stanzas have also been depicted by William Blake, Sandro Botticelli, Salvador Dalí, and Auguste Rodin, so there’s a lot of artistic censorship in our future if this sort of thing is allowed to set a precedent.)

More pandering to religious extremism. When are we going to stop being so gutless when it comes to [updated] threats of violence for expressing our freedom of speech?

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    You know if people kept publishing this stuff more often, it’d probably stop the violent attacks because there’d be no way to target everyone. And the more attacks will just help to show people how wrong they are about this so called peaceful religion.

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    “treats of violence”

    fucking AWESOME

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