Can you make it through the whole song?

Your challenge for today is to make it through the whole song here without losing your sanity. If I did it, so can you. For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, you can go visit Billy Wayne here.

I think the most interesting line in this terrible song is this: “He sent his only son to bear my shame”. I really have to wonder what shame he’s talking about. Is it possible this former Broadway actor has some kind of deep, dark (and possibly sexy) secret, and only Jesus can admonish him for such a shameful sin? I wonder what it could be…

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    Jason Thibeault

    Am I the only one that hears this dude’s complete inability to maintain proper pitch? Is that a function of that dreadful vibrato that country type singers have to add to every song?

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    Jacob Fortin

    No, you weren’t the only one. He seems to lose the pitch somewhere around minute 1:30

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    You monster! My ears are bleeding. I have been traumatized for life.

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    the stupid bastard repeats himself a lot doesn’t he

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    Make it through the whole song? I couldn’t even bring myself to click the play button.

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    Lost Boy

    Did anyone else notice how he was explaining this “song” with his hand on his crotch?

    Something tells me that this guy should be championing gay marriage, not opposing it as most “Christians” do…

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    1 min. 2 sec. i’d try again, but you gotta tell us what we win if we make it.

    ps, when i take over the world, i’m locking up ALL the electric pianos and will only loan them to competent musicians.

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    Bad pitch, annoying voice all around, but hilarious to me. For some reason the cloaked man (who I guess is supposed to be Jesus) really makes me laugh. They tried so hard to make him look graceful and majestic but kinda made him seem creepy and demonic. Oh, and I love the heartfelt “Thank you Jesus!” at the end.

    Yeah, sent his only son to bear your shame. How moral of him.

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    Midway through, I think he modulated or something, and I could feel it coming. “No, no! Do not do this thing, please!” I don’t have the time because I scrolled down the page and played solitaire on my ipod the whole way through.

    Got to love the passive-aggressiveness inherent in “imagine what he could do for you”. It’s like he (and everybody else who uses some variation on that idea) is going “Now, I’m not saying your life sucks, but… your life sucks.” Anybody else feel like that roundabout phrasing is weaselly and backhanded? “This is such a great opportunity for you! Because, you know, you wallow in sin and hate yourself.”

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    i bet he made a fortune off of christians with that piece of crap lol

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    Just one word – YUK!

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    Made it to 3:22

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    1:30 then I had to stick sharp things in my ears

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    made it!!!

    the “thank you jesus” at the end was a good reward for watching all that cheese

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    So THIS is what hell would be like!

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