Bill Donohue is on his period

I love listening to this guy. In case you haven’t heard of Bill Donohue, he’s the president of the Catholic League; an organization devoted to trying to get everyone to stop being mean to Catholics. Bill’s not a big fan of Penn and Teller (especially after getting totally ass-raped during the show they did on Mother Tereasa), and he’s now freaking out about their season finale.

It sounds like P&T made their last show about the Vatican, and I can guarantee there is a scene involving a Darth Vader uniform and a gigantic dildo light saber (that’s all I know as of now). Sounds like a pretty kick ass show, but old Bill is having none of it:

Just recently, Jillette took after me again in his usual foul way. That doesn’t matter, but what matters greatly is his pathological obsession with bashing Catholics and their religion. There is no legitimate place for this kind of frontal assault on any demographic group.

CBS/Showtime needs to send Penn & Teller a message and let them know that they have crossed the line for the last time. This should be their final season. We know that they’ve been told before to drop the Catholic bashing, and yet they persist. By doing so, Penn & Teller have effectively stuck their middle finger right in the eye of CBS.

Well, I think exercising your right to free speech is a lot less frightening than burning people alive for witchcraft, don’t you think? Oh, and if you don’t think that’s something Christians do anymore, you might want to take a trip to Africa. And by that, I mean stay the fuck away from there!

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    Here’s Bill denying and belittling the abuse the catholic church heaped on Irish children in their care

    FYI Bill, if two priests and a sculptor raped a boy it is still true to say he was raped by priests,

    oh and if only two priests ever abused children and the church covered for them that’d still be a scandal!

    Especially since the church is still covering for them to the best of its abilitiy and limiting the compensation they’ll have to pay out…

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