More nonsense in Texas

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes, Texas is now the craziest state in America. It seems like every day Texans are pushing back on separation of church and state, and now that they are requiring schools to teach the Bible, I have to wonder when they are going to officially declare themselves a theocracy.

It’s your typical reactionary response to modernism. Parents believe their children are immoral and corrupt because they refuse to read or follow the Bible (which is probably a good thing), and so they foolishly believe creating mandatory courses on the “Good Book” will fix everything.

I have to wonder what kind of shit storm this is going to create. The founding fathers specifically called for the Establishment Clause in the Constitution to avoid this kind of pandering to religion; as soon as one becomes the “official” religion of the state, the whole democratic process is threatened. The problem is these Christians are so busy trying to force their religion down everyone’s throat they are forgetting why this separation is so important. As a Christian how they would feel if their children were forced to study and learn the Koran, or the Upanishads?

**NOTE** As Ryan (in the comments) pointed out, making the Bible mandatory in school is actually a BRILLIANT idea. I seem to remember how much I absolutely hated all manner of subjects at school, and, more precisely, resented being forced to learn and recite anything I didn’t want to. After all, the daily prayer was ingrained into my head when I was a small child (going to a Catholic elementary school), and I think it actually made me a skeptic in the first place. In other words, making it a part of the school system is bound to invite the same hatred and disdain on the Church too. You couldn’t do a better job of destroying religion than by teaching it to everybody.

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    You know what. I think this is a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, I am an atheist. This is just like that “Convert the Atheist” show in Turkey. I think this is going to backfire on them. When going over the bible in the most churches, pastors tend to skip over the crazy laws sucha s killing your kid and stuff. If kids see this in school, they will realize what a fucking bastard the christain fairy is. I’ll cross my fingers.

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    Shay Leene Chandler

    I live in TX. and I am an atheist. I’m sad to say that I am disgusted with my state after reading this article. I have two children under the age of 2 years. Once they reach school age, I can not in good conscience let my children attend any school that teaches the Bilble as a truth. There is no fact behind it and creationism is the stupidest thing to think in our modern day societies. The Bible poisons minds and I do not want my children learning supernatural superstitions from the Dark Ages. I am not articulate enough to explain every emotion I am feeling about this news. Incedulous, bewildered, saddened, angry…I could go on and on. Outrageous!

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    I think I’m with Ryan on this, I didn’t really become an atheist until I went to a school where we had compulsary church services, and a much greater emphasis on the bible around the whole school.

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    The Mother

    As a Texan atheist, the School Board frosts me on a regular basis.

    Two weeks ago, they voted to adapt the Social Studies curriculum to spend more time discussing how important religion is in shaping history.

    True enough, but I doubt they’re going to teach it quite the way I would.

    This compulsatory bible class isn’t really new–they implemented the regulation a year ago. This is just the first school year where it applied.

    I have two kids in Tx public high schools. NOT required. But if they made them take it? It would be a free for all. Promise.

    Can you say “documentary hypothesis?”

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    I wish “Comparative Religions” was mandatory across the country. Don’t just have kids read the Bible, read the Quran, Tao Tse Ching, et al. Regardless of what religion they come out believing (or none of the above, hopefully), I fail to see how extra cultural literacy can be a bad thing. Just no proselytizing.

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    Teach them real scholarship about the Bible, I say. Then Texas will realize how they just shot themselves in the foot.

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    The enforcement is going to open up a boatload of “church v. state” lawsuits at the federal level. It may not matter, though, if Rick Perry has us secede from the union 😉 Happily, not all of us Texas are as crazy as this article would have one believe. Unfortunately, though, most of us sane folks are a minority who reside in the tiny blue island of Austin.

    Thanks for keeping this stuff in the public eye!

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    hall monitor

    This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

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