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If you’re not familiar with Ken Ham, then you are officially a fly by night atheist. How could you not know about this crazy Aussie? He’s the man behind the Creation Museum, perhaps the largest and most expensive temple to ignorance ever created. With a 27 million dollar budget, and over half a million visitors since it opened in 2007, the Creation Museum is a snapshot in time, a reminder the human race still has a long way to go before being able to officially call itself “enlightened”.

Ken commissioned a study recently. Turns out young evangelicals are abandoning their faith in droves, and Ken thinks he knows why. He believes Christians are allowing secular values to poison the minds of children, and the only solution is a literal interpretation of the Bible. If kids are rigidly taught the Earth is only 6000 years old, then they are less likely to be negatively influenced by pesky things like science and logic.

Ironically, I think the reasons so many evangelicals are leaving their faith is actually BECAUSE of all the deception on the part of evangelical ministers. Once young adults realize they have been lied to and deceived, why would they stick around? The truth is, Ken, with today’s modern technology people are becoming more and more informed, and it’s almost impossible to keep kids ignorant. Don’t you think they’ll be bitter when they realize your creationist “science” is a bunch of bullshit nonsense?

Thanks for the study though, Ken. You confirmed something I’ve always believed; that evangelism is on it’s way down. The future looks bright, Ken; just not for you and your ilk.

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    I absolutely agree – the more strict religions, especially religions that are fundamentalist or evangelical, are definitely going extinct and I agree that it’s because of betrayal. My sweetie was raised a southern baptist (not quite as intense as fundamentalist but still pretty strict) and he is far more angry and strongly opposed to religion than I am because he feels like he got screwed as a kid. No Halloween, being told that masturbation is as bad as rape, being told that atheists are sub-human, these are things that hurt you when you grow up and realize the ridiculousness of it all. It not only fosters a separation from the church, but it almost encourages a violent separation at that.

    And that’s not even getting into the whole young earth BS. To me (and most people who have any interest in science), someone who claims the earth is 6000 years old is about as diluted as someone who thinks the earth rides on the back of a giant space turtle. The problem right now is the influence these groups currently have, but that influence is slipping and will continue to slip – I believe that wholeheartedly.

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    Most telling part of the article:

    “He found, shockingly, that those who most regularly attended Sunday School were the most likely to question the truthfulness of Scripture, to defend same-sex marriage and abortion, and to flat-out leave the church than those who didn’t.”

    I wonder how this dynamic would be altered if, for example, religious information was passed on through another point of authority. Like what is planned in Texas schoolsystem (see the other article posted today).

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    picture is good for title, explains how creatianism fits in with the dinosaurs

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