This is real, people!

I don’t know what to tell you other than I hope this tattoo is as awesome 30 years from now as it is today!

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    Sweet! My “Mighty Atheismo” tattoo is in its conceptual stages right now, but as soon as I get that baby on my calf I’ll be showing the world proudly! I’m also talking to several artists I know about collaborating on a project where atheist tattoo art would be available online for direct use or inspiration. I love this!

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    I thought about getting the FSM on my wrist, a VERY small one, just because. :)

    My son Larry wants a tattoo saying Vegan, on one wrist and Atheist on the other. In case he is incapable of talking or letting his wishes be known, do not feed me animal products and don’t pray and baptise me or anything when I die. :)

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    He probably had the idea for this and said to himself “that’ll show ‘em”. Then, a week after getting it, he’ll think “oh shit, now i got this ugly tattoo for life”.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Pretty sure that’s not a dude but a girl, man.

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