NZ woman dies after botched waterboard exorcism

You hear this kind of news all the time; an independent or strong willed woman is deemed to be possessed, and an exorcism ceremony is performed, usually resulting in tragedy. Here is such a tragic tale, this time coming out of New Zealand. 5 people were arrested and found guilty of the manslaughter of Janet Moses, but not one of these people will be facing any jail time. They were given 300 hours of community service (what, so they can do more fucking waterboarding?), and are being supervised for 12 months.

The accused are all Maori, the indigenous natives of Polynesian descent who first settled in New Zealand. According to their religious traditions, the existence of demons and witchcraft is thought to be real. They were convinced that the victim, Ms Moses and her 14 year old daughter, were possessed by a whanau (demon), and that she had a makutu (curse) after she had stolen a statue from a local hotel. They decided to pour water down her nose and mouth in an effort to exorcise it. She later drowned.

I can’t imagine anyone else getting off with such a light sentence for such a crime. The judge must have felt that since their intent was not to harm the girl but rather to “cure” her, this extenuating circumstance merited this anemic sentence. Personally, I wish the judge had thrown the book at them. We don’t need more uneducated and superstitious idiots running around exorcising people against their will. We also don’t need these same morons getting a slap on the wrist for killing a fellow human being.

*NOTE* The 14 year old was not her daughter, but rather just another victim that was almost killed by these idiots.

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    Just goes to show that when it comes to burning stupid no corner of the world is untouched.

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    I wonder if I’d get such a lenient sentence for going around town murdering people that weren’t ‘magically delicious’ because the Lucky Charms leprechaun told me to.

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    There were also about 40 relatives watching when she died and then it took nine hours for someone to call the police. The 14 year old wasnt her daughter though.

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    Well, she was obviously a witch. And as the waterboarding failed to oust the witchery demon then it was perfectly ok that she was killed. Much better that than suffering a witch to live. (Different religion, I know, but the principle appears to be the same.)


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    Ashamed NZer

    Well all I can say is I am ashamed to call myself a NZer after that shocking display of non justice. As long as you are Maori in this country you can torture then murder anyone and get away with it. It really has drawn the line for me, in regard to the respect I have for the non existing justice system and the racist nation that NZ has become.

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    @Ashamed NZer . Mate, I lived there for 4 years and I got sick of all the maori population taking advantage of the system. The’re still asking for money from the government. And yes, i would be ashamed too.

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    Just to nitpick, “whanau” is Maori for “family”. I don’t know the word for spirit, so sorry.

    As a New Zealander I was disgusted to read about this, and the piss-poor sentence that was handed down. Somehow being a religious nut is actually an extenuating circumstance. Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be similarly disgusted.

    Oh, have a read about “Bishop” Brian Tamaki and his Destiny Church cult if you haven’t been nauseated enough already by the goings-on here.

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    found this to be relevant. A child should never be beaten because “God wanted her beaten.”

    People like this absolutely disgust me.

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