Hitchens plays the “what if” game

It would seem in this particular interview, Christopher is really letting loose. His response of “none of your fucking business” to the question of whether he has ever commited adultry is priceless. And when the host tells him he doesn’t measure up to God’s 10 commandments, Christopher’s answer echoes what I’ve always thought on the subject: “who gives a shit?”

I could not have put it more sussinctly. I feel bad for the radio host who seems completely out of his depth intellectually. Well, OK, I don’t actually feel bad; it’s more like a weird mix of pity and embarassment.

Also, if you want to know who still listens to radio, consider the fact that the top 7 shows are all conservative, right wing programs (see below). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: radio is for old rascist white guys who love Jesus. For the rest of the civilized and rational world, we have podcasting!

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show – 14.75 million.
  • The Sean Hannity Show – 13.75 million.
  • Glenn Beck Program – 8.25 million.
  • The Savage Nation – 8.25 million.
  • The Dr. Laura Program – 8.25 million
  • The Laura Ingraham Show – 5.75 million
  • The Mark Levin Show – 5.75 million

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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    Classic Hitchens. Although I think by the end when he answered that he probably does not believe in god so that he can act as he chooses Hitchens had given up trying to make any more points for that loser.

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    im always impressed that he gives the time of day to these retards. why on earth subject yourself to that sort of ‘interview’? he knows as well as you or i that he will not change any of their minds. maybe 2 or 3 will buy his book tho i suppose?

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    Who gives a shit?


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    I love your last paragraph…that’s priceless too. 🙂

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    don hudgins

    you have a typo in your Christopher Hitchens text:

    “deapth intellectually”

    Keep up the good werk!

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    Easter was celebrated long before this so called christ.

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    This is fantastic. I love how exasperated and angry most Christians get when challeneged. It’s either a full-on assault from them OR it’s these short, tense responses that show how annoyed they are. Classic!

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    This was covered at Pharyngula a while back. Hitchens takes the questions at face value and doesn’t flinch from honest answers, at the same time undermining Todd Friel’s assumptions in asking them.

    You have to be very sure of your ground to do that. Hitchens is, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Todd Friel, on the other hand, sounds utterly frustrated that Hitchens refuses to be herded into the pen.

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