God hates your baby

I’m not quite sure what the hell is going on in this preview, but from what I can gather, cheesy special effects and a very unusual Apocalyptic setting means humans are shooting angels with guns, and demons have super long limbs for some creepy reason. Also, there seems to be some kind of subplot where God is a gigantic asshole. There’s no way to tell if this will be awesome or just a gigantic piece of steaming dog shit, but my bet is anything involving explosions and winged freaks trying to kill a baby is going to be off the hook!

(thanks Kate for the link)

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    Well I’ll give them credit for peaking my curiosity, I’d probably see it just to know what the hell is going on. And was that Dennis Quaid?

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    Should be a great comedy 🙂

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    they gave away the whole movie in that 2minute clip lol.

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    Bastard Soap

    Still murderous angels are just kickass!!!
    Jesus!! Didn’t Christopher Walken teach you anything??

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    yea, it looks great – might scare those of a religious-mind as well – which will be a nice feature

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    Looks pretty damn sweet.

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    The whole angels-on-earth setting is quite appealing as long as it comes in the form of entertaining, and not religious bullcrap. I’m sure this one will drag me to the movies. I felt a touch of “The Prophecy” in there, and I did love that one, so…

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    Oh please, this can’t be a real movie, right?

    A washed out woman, who works in a crappy diner, is protected by a bad-ass, gun wielding, dude because her son is the future savior of mankind.

    Is there going to be a chase sequence in a steel factory too? Oh yes, this movie is going to be *AWESOME*, we’ve *never* seen anything like this movie before! 😉

    Oh well, its got Kate Walsh, Willa Holland, and Adrianne Palicki as future savior’s Mom. At least there’ll be something nice to look at. 😀

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