Rabbis fight swine flu with prayer

Whenever there is an outbreak of a disease, you can always count on a bunch of loud religious people to break out in spontaneous fits of prayer. Here we have a group of Rabbis praying and blowing their ceremonial horns in an effort to ward off the Swine Flu, which they call H1N1 to avoid the insult of mentioning swine. If I was in that plane, I probably would have flipped out at all the yelling, chanting and loud horn blowing going on. If you want to pray in your private places of worship, you can chant your nonsense until the cows come home. Once I’m in a plane with you lunatics, however, I don’t take too kindly to all your insane noise making. Any of these morons aware prayer does absolutely nothing? If you want to fight off the disease, how about a comprehensive vaccination campaign for the young and elderly? Turns out that science is AWESOME at preventing outbreaks.

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    If I didn’t have to give up pork and wear silly little hats, it would be nice to move somewhere save from the swine flu. Wait!!! they didn’t protect from swine flu because they can’t mention pork, they are safe from Mexican flu!!

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    How do you know prayer does nothing? Do you sincerely pray to God? Have you ever tried to come to God on His terms rather than yours?

    You wouldn’t ask the President or even your boss to demand that your needs be met, would you?

    Don’t doubt something that you’ve never tried or don’t know about.

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    Not everyone needs to try or know much about crack or cocaine to admit that it probably won’t help anyone in any particular way. Over the past few months alone we have seen countless cases where prayer has failed to save human lives; whereas simple medical procedures would have done the trick nicely. As far as anyone here is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to think prayer may help protect people from swine flu any more than unicorns can.

    But since you seem to be one who is convinced of its power, perhaps you could provide us all with some evidence?

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    Hey!!! Anyone out there that thinks Prayers work! Have I got a deal for you I have $1000 and a hypo of weaponized SmallPox. If you have not immumized yourself (ie admitted prayer doesn’t work), inject the smallpox into your arm and PRAY like the devil was on you ass, Wait 6mo and if you are alive you can have the $1000. & I’ll will convert to your religion cuz it is the real thing.
    OK I don’t mean it cuz the govmint wont give me the small pox from their illegal stores. But you get the idea.

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