Super Atheism?

I have to admit this fucking guy confuses the hell out of me. Martin Martinovich (who seems Russian to me) has a religion called “Super Atheism”, a belief that a super advanced alien civilization created man as he exists today (by crossing Chimp DNA with their own “Super Sapien” DNA). He also claims the legend of Atlantis is present all over the world, even though the only mention of it is in Plato’s Republic (guess that doesn’t really matter to him). For him, Atlantis is actually the home planet of our genetic masters in the sky, which orbits the Sirius star. Yep, sure sounds like atheism to me!

This junk is your standard New Age bullshit, except this one tries to use the word “atheism” in it. As an unbeliever, I have to tell you this idiotic and fanciful theory is both extremely childish, stupid, intellectually dishonest, and embarrassing. I can sum it up nicely by quoting a few passages from Martinovich’s own website:

Super Atheism respects and understands the power of RA: a hidden cosmic light as a balance, nature’s low, structure of the Universe and mankind that lives within. Light determines meaning, structure, and purpose of everything: known and unknown. Light has a constant tendency to become a matter.

What the hell does this garbage mean?

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    Hey! Makes as much sense as scientolog or mormanism, or even talking snakes and Mo rising into heaven on a horse.

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    It means he’s not an atheist. He was this close to qualifying as a Super-Stuper Atheist, but “hidden cosmic light” sounds a little too “ultimate reality”-y to me. Not super, not atheism.

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