Go to Church, Gays!

I had a vision the other night. I was reading an article about Christian ecumenism (which means interfaith dialog), and I realized the issue of homosexuality will, in the long run, destroy the progress that various branches of Christianity have made in “getting along”. In a nutshell, ecumenism is a way for different faiths to show respect towards one another, and to have progressive dialogs with one another. Since the common ground of all Christian faiths is belief in Jesus, a greater tolerance has been possible between faiths that used to be openly hostile towards one another.

Of course, the issue of homosexuality is still something the various branches of Christianity have had trouble reconciling with. Some faiths are beginning to show more tolerance, while others are taking a hard stance. Most churches try and take a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy, but as gays begin to make their sexual orientation a matter of public interest, and because of our growing understanding and compassion regarding gay and lesbian issues, parishioners will continue to pressure church authorities to take definitive stances.

In the long run, this can’t be good for Christianity. It will divide them, essentially destroying their interfaith dialog they have worked so hard to create. In other words, the cohesion of Christianity will fall apart and crumble in the face of the issue of homosexuality.

A significant portion of gays are also very religious, as this article points out. This means as gays gain more confidence and pride, and numbers, their churches will have no choice but begin to change their doctrine and beliefs to accommodate this new important demographic. This compromise will in turn make various faiths draw the battle line, and in the end, as the dialog disintegrates, the loser in all of this will be Christianity.

So, I want more gays going to church, and to challenge their fellow parishioners to force their priests to take some sort of stance on homosexuality. With you guys doing all the work, us atheists will be free to just sit back and watch as this storied institution crumbles under the weight of such controversy. It’s gonna be sweet!

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    Good idea and we do not want the churches to get along anyway.
    In Israel the Jews have control and things are getting bad over there. Where Islam has control things are awful. When Xtians HAD control Europe sucked as the place to be. Here one of the reasons we have some separation of church and state is because one set of Xtians disliked another set. So long as they all distrust each other and there are so many of them here it becomes difficult for one to take over as in Iran because all the others dislike them as well. Throw in the gay thing and things get messier

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    Ha, funny idea! Could actually work. But even funnier to see my home town (Cologne, Germany) cathedral on a random atheist blog 😉


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    ROFL! When I saw the line “while others are taking a hard stance” I immediately thought of the joke “A hard man is good to find.”

    Head. Gutter. Sorry. ;P

    I’ll go be queer someplace else now. 😉

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